Monday, November 30, 2009

a bright future...

today in Music in Ministry, we took a look at the "not so bright" future of Christianity in America. It took all that I had not to stand up and shout, "When are we going to stop limiting God?" Sometimes I feel like we use Europe as an "excuse" like, "we're going to end up like them anyway," and its frightening to me to think that some people don't even realize that we are going to end up that way if we don't GET OUT OF THE WAY and let God move. Last time I checked, God doesn't use unwilling vessels. He doesn't use and work through people who are absorbed in their problems and not their savior. The statistics about "Christians" who didn't have Christ as the center of their faith made me angry. I wasn't angry at our class, I was angry at the apathy, at the blatant disregard for sound doctrine and the foundation of our faith, the very thing that makes us CHRISTIAN!

okay, trying to calm down a little bit...tonight I had the blessing of running into Jonny Carroll at the library with Marc Anderson. Marc had some other stuff to do, but Jonny was like, "Hey, I'm going to take a worship break and you guys are welcome to join me," I was like, "Sa WEET!" and so that's what we did, grabbed a warmer jacket from Ormston and then headed to my house. poor kid, had to walk back to campus afterwards. I didn't realize he left his stuff in the library :( sad day! I actually might walk there myself in a few minutes to print some stuff for class tomorrow...but anyway, we talked about seminary. I have been contemplating seminary. He said something I just completely agree with. He says he feels like leaders shouldn't be preaching if they don't know the original greek and hebrew. I completely agree. I also think that as a worship leader this is vital to being an effective minister! So, maybe GRTS is in my future? don't know as of yet. Lots of renewed prayer, and just talking more with Jonny and the like will be a good step in the right direction...

anyway. im super tired and would love to finish this rant later. here's a song that I think is appropriate for this little temper tantrum:

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  1. Jonny Carroll?!?! Don't know him, but he sounds awesome.