Friday, November 20, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 054

I need help. I need your guidance. I feel like I'm drowning in all the assignments that I'm miss what you have for me. I feel as if I don't know how to get it all done, and enjoy you and your creation at the same time. Help me to focus, but also take a step back and enjoy the world around me.

Well slow down I homework done today, but I did get my hair cut, dance for Jazz bash, and see New Moon with Heather! at least I was productive in some way! LOL..

well it still physically hurts. not being given the chance. I just want the chance to love someone. is that too much to ask for? must be. plus he knows, and if he doesn't he's denying it. its way to obvious. alright. I need sleep. goodnight all.


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