Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 039

happy thursday!

im listening to MUSE and can't think of anything that might be wrong with the world right now...LOL...

i just finished another web article for The Pulse. I have a love/hate relationship with it right now. I love to write, but I think that sometimes I would like to just "poof" and the interview, thinking, and writing is DONE. 

oh well. and the beat goes on.

so tonight is TAKE HOME CHEF, the RA's and Carey, our RD are here to make Quesadillas for us! YAY! then I have a mtg with John G for music for PSW tomorrow. I think I might ask him to play electric guitar, I know he likes to, and he rarely gets to do it. Maybe I'll ask Emily to do powerpoint? hmmm...just a thought

then Im going to a V for Vendetta party at Callie Cothern's room. that should be fun :) i think Eric is going, Mitch and Phil will probably be there too....well that should be interesting.

now its time to eat and get on with the evening. I'll be in the library later doing some Espanol homework since I'm such a great procrastinator :)


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