Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 058

so i am at home. YAY :) super super thankful to be at home. I miss the arbor, already, but i'm still thanful to sleep in my own bed, in my own room, and spend time with my parents and my younger brother.

it was annual pie night at Brighton Assembly of God tonight. i love this night, the entire church comes together after the service with all their kids and relatives and we eat pie together with the staff. I love seeing our church come together like this, and celebrate, and be thankful. I met a girl named Sarah tonight. She is in college, i believe she is going to Schoolcraft in Livonia. She's twenty, but barely looks sixteen! She claimes people do that to her all the time, and that she'll probably be thankful for it when she's fourty :) anyway, Mom filled me in on the latest "news" of the familes of our church and i had a wonderful piece of pecan pie. so much to be thankful for. We are extremely blessed.

looking around at the people of my home congregation, I couldn't help but see people at River Tree Community. That place has truly stolen my heart. The people are so hungry, so happy to be there learning about God and each other. Its truly a beautiful thing and such an immense blessing in my life. Our band is quite good, and they have a desire to do well that as a worship arts major I couldn't ask for a better attitude. Its one thing to work with musicians who are talented and unmotivated, but its so much better to work with musicians who are growing and that want to work and desire to be the best that they can be. I believe that is all that God asks of us.

so here I am, at home *sigh* such a wonderful feeling. Thank you Lord. I am so blessed. tonight my brother let my cat inside around 10 o'clock, my Dad and I were finishing up NCIS: Los Angeles. I waited until the show was over to feed her, and of course she meowed for that entire ten minutes. I said aloud, "How many days have you been alive cat?" and my dad answered

"too many,"

and I laughed until I cried. if you know anything about my father's "relationship" with my cat, its not good at all. she is rather dumb and is an animal, and my Dad really has no patience for that. its really funny. you probably had to be there, but at least when i read this it will make me smile :)

well, i have a paper to write for music in ministry tomorrow. its all about Martin Luther. Should just be a dandy time. time for some sleep.


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