Monday, November 2, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 035

Sunday November 1, 2009
Today I saw PARANORMAL ACTIVITY...beware of the ending. The entire movie, I was like "this isn't bad, I can handle this," then the end came and I thought I was going to be sick. I felt the same way when I saw Cloverfield. It was awful.

**spoiler alert** if you haven't seen the film, do not read...
so the entire movie i thought that Micah was a JERK and that Kate needed real help, not his practical jokes. I noticed that their "relationship" bits on camera started to dwindle as the demonic activity escalated. I wonder why the filmmaker did that. I guess because it is, after all, a film not a real life portrayal. I guess when I watch film, i really take an interest in the characters, not necessarily what is happening to them. The way Micah reacted and the way he treated Kate was just plain wrong. anyway, in the end THE DEMON WINS! The last "night" on the tape is very creepy and disturbing. Kate gets out of bed at like 2am and stands and stares at Micah sleeping in the bed. Then after a few minutes the sheet on Micah is pulled off by some unseen force. Then Kate goes down stairs. After some moments of silence Kate starts screaming, like she's woken up again or something. Micah leaps out of bed and runs downstairs. Suddenly the screaming gets a whole lot worse. Then SILENCE. Then it sounds like something very big is coming up the stairs. I'm now convinced she was dragging him up the stairs. Then out of the black door way comes Micah thrown across the room at the camera. Kate comes in next, blood all down the front of her shirt. Then she kneels down at Micah and sniffs or licks him. Then she looks at the camera, and smiles this terrible, awful smile and it goes black. Then the screen informs us that Micah was found by the police, and Kate was never found. THE END. i was so ANGRY, UPSET and mostly just sick to my stomach. it was awful.
 **spoiler done**

anyway, I never watch horror films, and this is really why. I can't seem to separate being scared silly with reality I guess. Especially when things like Demonic possession really happen to people...

well its time for bed. pray i don't have any nightmares.


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