Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 060


I love this holiday, and its not just because I love pumpkin pie :) I love spending the day with my family, the football game is on, but some how we manage 8 hours together in one room without anything else be each other and the "game" on the tube and manage not to yell at each other or get upset and just enjoy each other's company. I am truly blessed. I know that it helps we are a small family, there are only 8 total. My grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my parents and my brother and me. That's it. I love it. Being together is probably the best thing, and that is why I love the holiday season so much. We like to get together outside of the holiday season, but it brings the focus more on family during this time and I have a very blessed, happy and humorous bunch of relatives. They are beautiful.

I think I managed not to over eat this year, which in itself is a blessing, and I think I might have even managed to encourage my relatives with the stories about how River Tree is reaching outside of ourselves to the community of Jackson. I also think that I just have the best family ever. I love you guys!


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