Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 053...coming alive...

i see a banner of love
lifted over our heads
its waving in the sky
and its stained in red

from the far away hills
comes a voice in the night
its ringing in our hearts
like a battle cry

now we're coming alive
we're coming alive
open your heart
take whats inside
and let it go

we're speaking out for a change
but words are never enough
we could be the hands and feet of love

now we're coming alive
yeah we're coming alive
open your heart
takes what's inside
and let it go

wake up from your sleeping
there's something to believe in
the only way to love is to give yourself
give yourself

now we're coming alive
we're coming alive
open your heart
take what's inside
and let it go

COMING ALIVE - Phil Wickham - Heaven and Earth

this is a new song from my favorite worship leader, Phil Wickham. I classify him as a worship leader because his concerts are not a show. they are an opportunity to draw closer to God and experience God on a deeper level. He presents the Truth unashamedly. I am thankful for his talent, and that he has chosen to give it back to God to be used to bring Him glory. Its beautiful. Its something I strive for daily. I want everything that I am to be surrendered and given back to God to be used by Him. I long to be completely surrendered, that I no longer worry about my own comfort, my own selfish desired. I am a servant to the King, and I will serve him with everything that I am.

Jake spoke last night about Unity. He also talked about how God loves us JUST AS WE ARE. and that we are exactly who we are supposed to be. There are days where I hate everything about myself. and still God loves me. He claims to be quite fond of us. Even in our faults. Think about it, if we didn't have faults, would we need God? How would he shine through us? If we were perfect, how would God's desire to be in relationship with us be satisfied? Think about it, your relationships with people are not perfect. Often times that is what makes them the most beautiful. I know in my life that my closest relationships are often the messiest and difficult. We know everything about each other, strengths, weaknesses, imperfections, the whole deal. In that, we are able to lift the other up in areas where we are not the strongest, making us stronger together than we are apart. Its a thing of beauty.

so we're coming alive, opening our hearts, taking what's inside and letting it go, because Lord, what you have for us is so much more, so much sweeter, so much bigger than we can ever imagine. Thank you.
in Jesus' name,


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