Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 041

happy saturday. and a happy saturday it has been :)

Mitch, Heath and I visited Holy Ascension Orthodox church. It was a very interesting experience. The priest/pastor gave us a little tour afterwards. I was a little anxious to see if he would let us see the altar, but alas, even though I know we all wanted to see it, he did not show it to us. I'm sure its considered to be a "Holy of Holies" of sorts...anyway....

I am super excited for tonight! 8o's skate night! YEAH! Eric and I are going...I think Michelle and Susanna are also going to be there! I hope Kimmee is going too. This is going to be so much fun!

okay...correction. I am not going to 80's skate night. well. that. just. sucks. Heather cancelled, Eric called and cancelled, Heath and Mitch refused to go, and I AM NOT GOING ALONE. no way. oh well.

well at least I'll get enough sleep, and I will be able to finish this article. yay. okay well, now that i've found the bright side, its time to get back to work. thanks for the break. yay day 41.


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