Friday, November 27, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 061

did anyone brave the crazy shoppers? I didn't :) I stayed home. ALL DAY. and it was glorious.

I think I know why some of my guy friends are a little aprehensive around me. I have been told that its weird that i like men. I like sports, I tolerate beer and belching, I would rather watch a game a football than a chick flick, and I love the racetrack. And I like the creatures that go with this atmosphere. I like men. Is that weird? Usually women dislike things about men, they dislike their sweaty, gritty habits and pastimes. I usually don't mind them. Women seem to "tolerate" the men in their lives. I would rather hang out with them, then a bunch of women anyday. sometimes I wonder about myself. I know others do to :) I admire their strength, their ability to lead, and their ablility to have fun. Women are catty, and have fun by doing make up and taking pictures. While I enjoy make up and taking pictures, I also enjoy hanging with the guys. Maybe that's why they don't see me as a dateable, I am one of them...


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  1. Someday, a man would realize its their dream to have someone like you. I promise.