Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 049

its laundry day! and yes, I enjoy doing it, so sue me :) there are just somethings about being a "woman" that I'm completely okay with, for (when I have the time to do it right) cleaning (again time is also a factor) and even laundry. You would think I have men lining up at my door...and yet the "take a number" tickets remain untouched. My mother reassures me with the idea that some day the men in my life will want a mature, stable woman. That they will reach the point of "settling" down. Well, what if I don't want to quote on quote "settle down"? Is that all I'm made for? I sure hope not. I don't want a man that I can cook, clean and do laundry for. His mother does that. I desire a relationship where we "do life" together. Together is definitely the key word, of course we may differ on things such as music, or sports programs. But most of the time we are compatible and work well with each other. Sometimes I wish I could just say, "Hey, I think we'd be really great together," but I must be patient. Plus the person I have in mind is very mysterious and clammed up. I try to talk about things of the heart but all I get is silence. I would like to think he at least cares for me, wants to see no harm come to me...okay i'm sounding really lame. 

but really, I just want to enjoy being a woman, a single one at that for the for seeable future. There is something about enjoying a good bubble bath, or really wonderful movie that touches the heart and stirs the soul. I love words, the way they can shape and sharpen an idea. or make things appear broader or bring them into is another passion of mine, I know that Coldplay maybe some what monotonous (okay so they only understand the words mellow, four-four and ooohhhs) but it fits my mood sometimes. background noise can bring what I'm doing into focus. Plus i like the ooohhs...I'm a vocalist. we thrive on vocal lines and melodic passages! I enjoy wearing dresses, wearing mascara, lip stick, and doing my hair. I also enjoy dancing, it makes me feel very feminine. I'm not talking about club dancing, I'm talking about lyrical and certain latin ballroom styles. in addition to exercise, I feel like it takes care of my body, making me more aware of all my muscles and joints. I discovered my hips in lyrical class, not in the mirror. There is a certain "woman sway" that one attains when their hips flare out, also I discovered what it meant to be okay in my body by dance. It made my curves make sense and it made my ridiculously long legs something to be envied :) also my hair is really great for lyrical. true story.

alright, enough blabbing...its time to put the laundry in and get down to business. I would like to take a nap though. and watch a movie later. I was thinking maybe a Bourne Movie would be just the ticket...


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