Friday, November 13, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 047

so i might be going on an adventure :) going to a concert venue two hours away, WITH NO TICKETS on a friday night, just because I can. 

now I have super silly smile on my face, 

Mitch and I might be going to a Phil Wickham concert tonight! Its at the District in Lake Orion, which is like two hours away from campus. and its sort of ironic, because he just walked by...and it seems it might be almost- well put it this way, I hope we're going, if not, I'll be very very very, did I say very disappointed. 

we're moving along nicely with prop shop at this point. We only have three songs left, We Shine, Kindness, and We Give You Glory. We do need another slow song for communion...I'm thinking of maybe trying to find a Hillsong song, or maybe an oldie but goodie. wish me luck!


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