Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 063

happy happy sunday! love these mornings, getting up early feeling like a total bear, and getting a ride with Mitchell to church. We both share a "love" for mornings...LOL :)

well it seems that i do have a little courage. i waited until we were back in spring arbor to tell him the "word" i had received. I shed a few tears because I was so upset and trying not to screw it up with the way I was telling him. I told him "There is something better" and I have no idea what it means for him. I hope he figures it out and it doesn't confuse him more than he might already be about me. well I do feel at peace finally about this word, I'll never forget it, but I can let it sink into my subconscious mind and allow myself some peace over it. Since I have, after all, figured out why I was given it for myself. I do wonder what it means for Mitchell, but I know that is not my business, its just between him and God.

today we sang "how he loves" by Jesus Culture and I attempted to play keys. We had lots of sound troubles today for some reason. Rather than being frustrated with the sound guy, I genuinely felt bad for him. I am too, after all, an amateur at this as well. How can I expect perfection from someone who is learning and experiencing just like I am? Exactly. so I just pray that we get things working right as we have learned something from having troubles. that is the way life works, you fail, learn from the mistakes and try again :) its beautiful...I had a conversation with Genelle about David Crowder Band and that they cover How He Loves, and that they have an awesome song (see previous post) that is my theme song right now off their new record, "Church Music."

well I am just an idiot. I don't try to fight with Mitchell, but I do. Its mostly because I say something, he doesn't hear me and I don't want to repeat it because I'm afraid of blurting out "I like you." Its really an interesting paradox. Andy says waiting is best, and I completely agree. It will happen if its supposed to happen, enough said.

Heather is really struggling right now. and I am beginning to think I am a guy. its awful. When presented with a problem, men attempt to fix it. Apparently I do the same thing. FAIL. I just pray that she remains open and dependent upon God. Like I have been saying lately, true beauty and peace is found in weakness, not strength. So God is going to move and be glorified in this time of struggle and trial. that is my prayer.


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  1. I'm starting to think this generation isn't characterized by gender anymore, Carolyn. I mean, think about me, and think about you. We're both kind of like the opposite gender lol.

    Stereotypes bother me sometimes.