Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 335...water slide...

yesterday Zachariah went on the water slide. That's right. The water slide. I think he enjoyed it :) At least he enjoyed me enjoying it.

Training is amazing. apart from waking up extremely cold this morning, today has been wonderful. I am tired, but it is a lot of fun to get to know the other RA's and learn about the job and what to expect.

Tomorrow we leave MICHINDOH. I am sad about that, but I think it will be good to get back to campus and get things done. the idea of doing the yellow cards is scary to me. I hope they aren't as bad as I picture them to be!


Monday, August 30, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 334...RA retreat...

today the Lowell RA staff served the SAU RA staff breakfast. We made pancakes and sausage. It was fun and yummy! Then we had a programming seminar. I started brainstorming ideas while Jeff was talking. I have come up with some pretty cool ideas. They are similar to things we did as a floor my freshman year. I enjoyed them. I want to revamp them some and make them our own BETA 1 traditions. After lunch we are our way to MICHINDOH for a couple of days. I love this camp! I am excited to get away. I would like to take some romantic walks with Zachariah. That would be nice :)

well, almost time for lunch. I have got to wash my juice glass, and a bowl from my yogurt this morning. I will report about our retreat later this week. look for those posts to be up late wednesday night :)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 333...welcome to Beta One...

My room rocks :) I am a single RA this semester, and I frankly. I love it! The room is great. I have my stuff on one side, and the other side is completely for my residents. I have a big black leather sectional, funky pink and black area rug, TV and DVD player. My fridge has some soda, and some chips and salsa, yogurt, vitamin water, you know, stuff girls like :) I am so excited for this year. The entire Lowell Staff is fantastic. The girls are looking forward to having the hall completely women. I am very excited for that as well. It looks like tomorrow we head to MICHINDOH for a couple of days. I shall post those blogs when I get back. I think I'll leave my computer at school. I am going to be on it enough for the next months. It will be nice to leave it. I think I will hide it and obviously lock my door and window. The Occupied sign should keep people out  as well. Well its after midnight, closer to one. I should get some sleep.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 332...on the brink of an awesome adventure...

I am excited. I would also be lying to you if I said I was not nervous, terrified, and super ready to GO :) I am going to move in to Spring Arbor BETA 1 tomorrow afternoon. I can't believe that its almost here. I think I have everything packed up in my car. I just have the couch pieces to clean and stack in the Tahoe left.

Just going to go finish up I guess. Zachariah moves back this afternoon. Its after 3 now, so I'm sure he's on campus, lugging his stuff up to O3! So exciting! I think he may be helping me tomorrow :) he's such a nice boy!

Its been a wild summer. God has taught me a lot. I have SO MUCH more to learn. Praise the Lord! Here is to a wonderful, exhausting, challenging fall that is ahead of me. Good thing I've got my Jesus to walk with and hold on to! <3


Friday, August 27, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 331...TGIF plus pictures...

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

That means I only have one more FULL day left. until I PACK UP and MOVE OUT for The Arbor :) I am so excited to begin RA training this coming week. I have a lot of preparation in moving ahead of me. I am almost completely packed. I have been putting boxes together, most of them quite practical to where I just need to put them on a shelf somewhere. The only one I really am going to "unpack" is a big box of books and desk supplies. The others are mostly storage boxes for dishes, laundry stuff, tea and coffee supplies, a crate of DVD's, a crate of books and of course my knitting basket!

I am also trying to decide what to do with this idea floating around in my head. I want to take pictures of the roommates on move in day. Then I want to get them put up on their doors ASAP. I think that would be cool, then I want to take a floor picture at our first floor meeting. I want to begin creating memory momentos from the get go. I know that things get busy and people are not always together. It would be nice to get that started. I am also thinking of putting up a bulletin board and slowly filling it with pictures FROM the girls on the floor of things they have done together. I shall get back to you when I get a more concrete idea manifestation.

Today is also my father's 50th birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! I have baked a chocolate cake, which I will go frost in a hot second, and I have also purchased him a short sleeve button up shirt. I know what you're thinking, ONE SHIRT? My father only every buys WHAT HE NEEDS. NOT what he wants. So, I did only get one, but its something he actually WANTED. If I over do it, he won't wear them anyway!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 330...dance fitness...

So. as many of you know, I am a dancer. Zumba is the new program that I have discovered that combines Latin Dance into a fitness workout. Dance to me is the expression of my spirit and passion. It has been very hard to stay in shape while at school because I do not fancy running or the weight room. This program has answered my prayers and cries for dance fitness! I have stayed flexible and strong, but the pounds have slowly crept up on me. I need to lose twenty pounds. 20. that's A LOT. but I am setting a goal of 10 pounds by Christmas. I think this is a healthy goal, and most importantly A REALISTIC goal. There is nothing like disappointment in the weight department of a woman. I would even be happy with 5, if I trimmed, slimmed and toned up my core. I would be happy with that. I just want to be leaner, stronger, and healthier as I transition to adulthood. I want to take care of myself, so I can be there when it counts. If I present a tired, flabby, saggy self, then I will not be the joyful, strong and graceful woman that God has created me to be.

Thank you for all of you out there who support me in the endeavor. Thanks to my fellow wellspring teammates who cheered me on for my morning exercise. Its stuck you guys and I have noticed that I do not run out of energy half way through the afternoon (2 or 3 pm crash) like I used to. thanks!

I planned on learning the steps after dinner, but instead my Dad asked me to come pick up a car with him. He is going to fix it for a friend, and needed a ride. I said sure, and for some reason, its TOMORROW that he is supposed to pick up the car :) So instead, since we were in the area, we visited our old house. I haven't seen it since we left in '96. I was SEVEN. It looks a lot different, but it brought me back. It was a cool thing to share with my Dad before I leave this weekend.

Things are changing fast in my life. I am growing up, becoming financially independent of my parents (slowly, but surely) and I have a steady boyfriend, I only have a little school left, and I am super excited to see where God takes me next. This following Jesus thing is hard, its rough, its narrow, but its the BEST, more wonderful, amazing thing I have ever done!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 329...music and lyrics...

For some reason, I am not good at putting BOTH music AND lyrics together. Zachariah and I began writing a song, and we had a basic chord progression down for the verse, chorus and bridge. but no lyrics. I couldn't come up with anything other than that it had to be folkie. wow.

now i seem to have insomnia. I can't sleep. This hasn't happened to me in awhile. idk what to do. hope I can at least get some z's. peace.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 328...zumba...

I have just been sucked in by an infomercial. Have you ever watched an infomercial and thought to yourself, "Hmmm, this has to be the best thing i've seen out there for what I want to do..." ? Well. I at least have a couple of people in my life who absolutely LOVE Zumba. Greg Martin, a youth pastor in Clarkston, and leader of Righteous Mission raves about it. He claims to have lost 30 lbs and loves the classes. Well, since I am a dancer by passion and trade, I think a workout like this is just what I have been looking for. Now, you might say that I have been sucked in by their advertising. But the good news is, that there is a money back guarantee. If I don't love it, I just send it back for a full refund. great. So my workout will be here thursday. look out world, a new, slimmer, toner, sexier Carolyn is coming your way!

on a side note, I am going to be working my butt off today, packing, cleaning, preparing to enjoy a couple of days off with my boyfriend. Zachariah is coming to visit tomorrow. I hope. He has to work his tail off likewise. Here we go!


Monday, August 23, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 327...not so FANTASTIC sam's...

Have you ever had a hair cut, and the whole time you were really uncomfortable? Well, today I made the glorious journey to Fantastic Sam's. What ever you do. DON"T. EVER. GO THERE!! My hair cut isn't completely awful. It is a little bad, but its nothing a little time and my god-given curls can't fix :) I just don't recommend the place. EVER. :) Sorry if you work there. Get another job, somewhere else. They lady didn't wet down my hair, claimed it was easier to cut dry, psh! Then she messed up the layering, when too short, ugh. just a bad experience. I don't recommend it. at all. repeat sequence complete.

good news is that Zachariah will be here in one more day :) that makes me smile.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 326...make a list...

Today is the day where I sit in the middle of my room, envisioning all of my possessions and make a list of what I am bringing to campus this fall. As a lonely RA I will be attempting to make my room the place to be on the floor. I would post it here, but It would be really too long and I am sure changes are going to be made from now until Sunday (mostly add-ons :)

I think I will also vacuum my car. I know, I'm obsessed, but at least I come by it honestly. My father has currently washed and vacuumed his own vehicle and is now going to wash and vacuum my mother's car. I will most likely do the same thing in a little bit to my own car. Gotta love it.

Also, great news. Zachariah is coming to visit Wednesday. YAY :) I am super excited for that. That just means I need to pack, plan and clean on Monday and Tuesday. That way I am ready for Him to come and we can enjoy a couple of relaxing days before we return to the arbor. oh boy.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 325...new independence...

Today we drove 165 miles to Lima, OH to drop my brother off at the University of Northwestern Ohio for school. He is going to school to become a High Performance auto mechanic. My dad thinks that Kevin getting to study racecars is just, "too cool" :) Well, Its the first time I've been to UNOH, and it looks really nice. I only met two of his three roommates and they seem nice. They only had bunk beds for furniture in their rooms, they have to bring everything else. I am surprised by this, but then again SAU is a privately funded Christian university. I guess that means we're spoiled :P

We returned home and watched the second half of the Bristol night race. Kyle Busch has done the hat trick! I really don't like his attitude, but I have to admit that he is a great driver. He won the truck race on thursday, the nationwide race on friday and now the cup race on saturday. Its never been done before, and now Kyle Busch has made history. Three wins in one weekend :)

tomorrow I get up early to go sing on the worship team for Brighton AG. I love to serve, and its so much fun to do at home!


Friday, August 20, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 324...new mattress...

There is something simply luxurious about a change in your bed, of course if its for the better. this change is. The mattress is probably older than my other one, but it is not as used as my parent's old one that I've been sleeping on at home. This mattress is softer and much more comfortable. I should now not wake up with a sore neck and shoulders.

Things are pretty quiet around here. My brother is packing, he leaves for UNOH tomorrow afternoon. I am not sure if we are helping him move down there or  not. I hope we are, I would like to have an adventure to Lima, OH. That would be fun :) Anyway, got all my door decorations finished this afternoon! So exciting. Now I have to find a box to pack them in so they don't get bent or crushed. Now its time for dinner. I am not sure what I will do tonight, probably some more laying around is in order im sure. My oboe book came in at the music man. I shall go and get that tomorrow. That will be fun to get playing again!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 323...flowers of the field...

Today I started piecing together door decorations. My Grandmother brought over a hot glue gun, so I should be able to finish them all tomorrow. WOW. I might even get the floor verse done as well. I am just way ahead of myself. This gives me the entire week to think about what I want to take and pack it up. I do need to relax, I have been running around a lot lately. We just went on vacation last weekend, then the first three days of this week I was in Marshall, now I am home. I should just relax.

I am looking forward to this fall. I get more excited everyday for this opportunity that God has given me. He is amazing. I am so thankful to be able to be praying for my girls by name now. Its really cool. So, relaxation tomorrow is on the menu :) goodnight.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 322...happy birthday to Z...

Because Zachariah's mom had a writing conference to go to, we were kindly asked to vacate the premises early this morning. We compensated by going shopping. First we took a trip to B&N where I organized my floor list. Then we adventured around the mall. I guess its a good thing that we did. We had an amazing encounter with God.

Minges Hills Church of God is inside of Lakeview Mall. We were walking by and Zachariah stopped to read the sign. Annoyed, I pulled on his hand, but soon the pastor came out. We got talking and then he dropped the "W-L" bomb...


yup :) turns out they need someone to lead worship. This fall he was going to contact SAU to look for someone. I have been feeling God telling me to not go back to River Tree. That I need to get out on my own, to gain experience. To GROW. and to follow his voice and his leading. I believe he may be leading me to Minges Hills. very exciting. the next thing to see is if it will count for an internship. that would just take the cake quite literally. If Z helps me, we could potentially have dinner at his parent's house every sunday

Then we ended our trip with a romp through Wal*Mart. I purchased a bedding set and some matching grown up curtains for Zachariah's newly cleaned room. He has never had a matching bed set that he can remember. I just found that to be awful and wrong, so I fixed that for his upcoming birthday :) I hope he enjoys sleeping in new sheets...I know that I do! So happy 19th birthday love. you are the best!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 321...clean sweep...

Today I arrived at Zachariah's house just after 9 am. We made breakfast, yummy omelets. Then we went down to the basement and watched Becoming Jane. It is one of my very favorite films. I think Z enjoyed it :) Then after lunch, we began cleaning his room. Papers, junk, stuff that hasn't been used in a couple of years got taken to the trash. I was a little bit harsh, but as a recovering pack rat myself, I know what it takes to let go of things...patience and just saying NO!

So, we finished moving things around, cleaning like mad, hanging up clothes, doing laundry and getting things packed for school around 9pm. Then he showed me Carmen. SHHH! its a secret. its really just a work in progress. its a web tool for worship leaders soon to be available to all. I am so excited for him. Its wonderful to see the passion he has for music and worship, and people come together with his talent and interest in computers and web design :) Praise the Lord!

Now I am going to sleep. It is only 11 o'clock, but I am tired.


Monday, August 16, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 320...peace equals unmatched joy...

I am experiencing the word peace, like I have never experienced it before. This is not a peace that comes from deep within myself, it is a peace that has enveloped me. This peace feels like it has sought me out, found my silly blonde head, curvy figure and fluffy tummy and settled deep in my soul. Its finding its way out of me in rays of beautiful joy.

Pleasure. Now there is a word that you could use to describe selfish indulgence. Sometimes this is appropriate in someone's life. In order to pour out, you must be poured into. Smart self indulgence can equal a multiplication of pouring out. For example, by indulging myself and finding a quiet spot to think and hear God's voice, I am filling myself up with his goodness, wisdom and love. Then when I return to the world, I am able to pour out much more than I could ever offer simply just being Carolyn Marie. Pleasure of course can be a sinful indulgence. Pleasure can also be a very spiritual experience, and no, sadly I am not talking sex :) I am talking about the deep, soul satisfying pleasure that comes from caring for someone in need. The peace that washes over your soul when you see someone else's needs met is a pleasure that money cannot buy, sex cannot fill, and this world does not understand. Jesus came to indulge that pleasure of the father. God delights in us. He rejoices in our lives. He also loves us beyond measure. I cannot begin to understand how, or why. I just have come to accept the mind blowing fact :)

tonight I saw Eat, Pray, Love with my roommates, and it was wonderful. The film was okay, but I enjoyed the thinking that went on in my head way more. I know its bizarre, its odd, but God speaks to me during movies sometimes. I know, I'm crazy. BUT, he does okay, get over it :) anyway, this realization of peace has been a long time coming...actually its been more like a kicking and screaming process of accepting said peace...praise the lord he has been found faithful once more! I am experiencing peace in my life amidst the chaos and stress of this adventure called life.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 319...back to hartland-land...

I am back in Hartland-land. We had everything unpacked and put away with a load of laundry put in, in less than a half an hour. My mom rocks.

I've been conversing off and on with my parents about the possibility of moving out next year. If I can find dependable full time employment, and If God answers me and says that I should not do Well Spring, and that I should not be an RA again, then yes. That is what I will do.

Im tired. Looks like I am calling it a night early.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 318...sandcastles and deep water...

Carolyn Marie for another day full of Adventure here in Caseville, MI. Cheeseburger fest is in full swing and we took a little walk into town this afternoon. We stopped by the souvenir shop, I got a new cowboy hat, and my dad found a tank top and my brother got some really cool shades.

I have been enjoying the lake the whole time we have been here, but in this sticky humidity and blistering heat, I am sure grateful for the water. There is a sand bar about 50 yards from the beach. Another 50 yards from that is where I can't touch the bottom anymore. Its pretty shallow, and I love to just swim and float around. My aunt jan is thinking of training for a triathlon, so she has been perfecting her freestyle stroke :)

Tomorrow we leave in the morning to return home. I am excited to get back home, but I am sad to leave this paradise. Being with family is lots of fun. I love them all. very dearly.


Friday, August 13, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 317...cheeseburger in paradise...

(singing in a melancholy, sappy voice) "Brew Moon, you saw me standing alone, with out a dream in my heart, without a love of my own...."

This is adventurer Carolyn Marie reporting from Caseville, MI, USA. Home of the festival known to the local and savvy vacationers simply as "Cheeseburger" and proud home of "Brew Moon" coffee shop. Internet Cafe is NOT FREE. but works very nicely.

Today's adventure begins at 0500 hours. the "boys" as we affectionately call them, (my grandfather, father, uncle and brother) all went fishing at 6 o'clock. All us "girls" awoke to their clamoring and did not go back to sleep. We roused ourselves and got to breakfast in town around 9. The place was an awesome down home diner with NASCAR decor (my personal favorite) and now we are sitting at Brew Moon, a local coffee shop. It was wonderful to get some internet to communicate with you guys. I will post more about today tomorrow. Now I must end my over priced internet session. Talk to you soon everyone!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 316...caseville is the new coolsville...

Adventure never stops in my life, as you have seen from the past 315 days of this blog. I am always discovering, uncovering, working to find answers and live life to its fullest. That is no different when I am on vacation. The adventurer in me never sleeps. Maybe that is why I appreciate Scooby Doo and the mystery gang so much.

My family has traveled to the bumbling burg of Caseville. Its the "tourist trap" of the thumb. It seems that we have arrived just in time for the Cheeseburger festival. It starts tomorrow. But our vacation adventure starts TODAY! We arrived at the cabin, only to discover is directly on the bay! I can see it, right now. I am sitting in the living room on the couch, watching the waves crash in on the shoreline. awesome. I also think that it is cool that we went on a boat ride. The idea is cool. The experience? not so much.

The pontoon boat we rented for 8 people was a 14 foot pile of junk. We had to wade out in waist deep water to get to the boat. Lawn chairs strapped in position for seating, and life preservers too small for any healthy adult, along with a dead battery started off our water expedition with true finesse. After a new battery rescue operation via ski-doo, the boat guy pushed us on our merry way. Then I got the bright idea to sit on the end of the boat. BAD IDEA. we almost sunk. My uncle pulled me back in, and then after we ran a-ground on a sand bar, my grandfather called the whole fiasco ka-putz. Thankfully, they got their money back. $100 an hour. WOW. just WOW.

Then we returned to the beach house and made a sandcastle. I found a silly hat to wear to make it extra fun. Dinner was quiet and easy, then we headed out to put-put. After we had a successful and fun, quite memorable game, we headed over to the basketball courts for some interesting backboard experiences. Then a visit to Dairy Queen finished off our first day in Caseville with a sweet note.

Tomorrow the cheeseburger festival starts. Things could get interesting here in Caseville. Tomorrow's report should be equally as adventurous....


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 315...preparation, agitation, look better naked...

Today has been very interesting to say the least. After getting up late, a long phone call with my prince, and a rush to get out the door to meet Grandma for lunch, we went to Barnes & Noble where I actually bought a book. I bought "Look Better Naked" I know, its sort of weird title, but I think that it will do me some good. I think cutting down my meal portions, eating more times during the day, drinking more green tea and water, exercising, and also just plain feeling better in my own skin will help me to be a better woman over all. I have the responsibility of a floor of almost thirty women looming in the not so distant future. As an RA I will be a role model for them all. I would like to "look better naked" :)

The time is now for me to feel good in my skin, not next week, not next month, not even next year. This is a chance for me to take charge of my body, learn to love the temple that God has created for himself. It is time that I fell in love with myself, my ENTIRE self, the way that God has, and a certain someone you all affectionately here me call "Z".

Here's to LOOKING BETTER NAKED :) wish me luck this could be it people! I will finally love my body the way I was created to!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 314...books, books, wonderful books...

I love books. Books are such a wonderful escape, they offer an expansion to the universe. Story worlds allow imagination to be discovered, to grow and flourish, all within a neat little portable package. Anytime you want to go to Hogwarts, you just crack open a J.K. Rowling masterpiece, anywhere you are. Zachariah came and visited me today, and to start off our day together we went to Barnes and Noble. After a deciding on a coffee from Starbucks' we roamed the store, oohing and ahhing over books, movies and music that we wanted or identified with. I thankfully didn't buy anything except two coffee drinks. Then we went to Kohl's in search of a V-neck for Z. No such luck, but that just saves us $$$ :)

Back to the house we went, and then off to the creek for a picnic lunch and an afternoon of exploring the wilderness. It was super hot. I think we should have packed more water....then we attempted to play a composition I have been working on. It is for our principle instruments, oboe and french horn. Zachariah is truly a wonderful horn player, just a bit rusty at the moment :) I think I might try learning some viola tonight. I haven't picked it up in a few days and I would like to get pretty good before going to the dorm...don't want to make any one's ears bleed :)

well its almost time for dinner. Tomorrow we prepare, grocery shop, and pack for vacation this weekend. My family is going up to the tourist trap of the thumb, Caseville. Rumor has it that the cottage we are staying at is right on the water....


Monday, August 9, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 313...planning...

If you are not in a relationship, you may not appreciate this. But men do not plan. They just DO. That is a big difference between Zachariah and I. I plan. He does not. I need patience for this. I love him. I really enjoy spending time with him. I just don't like planning to do things when he has work and family to deal with. For some reason its so much easier at school! But that is just wimpy and unrealistic. We will figure this out. I am determined to do that.

Today we had a great day shopping. Or at least I did. I spent $16 at Kohl's but I got a skirt, polo top and sweater, all worth approximately $80. So I saved $62. Awesome. There is no other way to buy clothes. Clearance rocks!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 312...clean heart...

for some reason, i have forgotten how sweet God's unfailing forgiveness and love can be. I have been worrying about "having it all together" for my future. Today in service Pastor shared the following verse:

Isaiah 55:7-8 says, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

Thanks God. you are awesome.


PS two days until I see my prince :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 311...clean house...

Zachariah has unleashed a monster. I have been introduced to Noteflight. Oh boy. Awesome FREE program. Then after a quick PB&J sandwich, I began cleaning my room, the bathroom and sweeping the hall and kitchen floors. I finished by steam mopping those floors. After I finished cleaning, I began to clean out my dresser and fold, organize and throw away clothes.

I am so happy! I have an ALMOST completely organized room...the closet is left. I need to find out what I have, what I absolutely need to get, and be pretty much ready for school. Awesome! PRAISE THE LORD!

So today I spent the hours cleaning, organizing, watching Star Trek :) and getting ready to leave. I just love not having clutter, or having stuff I don't use or need. I also washed my sheets, and hung out my quilt to dry. It smells like sunshine. my favorite part of summer. Laundry just smells SO GOOD.

alright time to call it a night on the internet. I have been on the internet minimally and I love it. Facebook does not control my life. and here's to it not doing so in the fall!


Friday, August 6, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 310...clean teeth...

This morning I got up, sort of dinkered around and then finally got ready to go to the dentist. (see Z, im not that mature either...) then the dentist went well, no cavities, and for only having a check up once a year, I am doing very well with brushing and flossing. YAY :)

So, another year of clean teeth. This some how got me thinking about how clean my mouth is. Is it an instrument used to build others up, or is it just for tearing down. I know I said I would blog on John today, so I am going to work on tying this principle in. Lord, help me.

The Word became Flesh.

Whoa. That statement in itself just stops me in my tracks. At first I imagined the idea that the book that I am holding literally became FLESH. Well, actually it really did. The Word is not just a book, it is a living, breathing being, existing outside of time and space. It is Jesus Christ. Wow. The Word became manifested in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the culmination of this Love Letter that God has been writing to his people since the beginning. For God to make it that clear, that blatant to the world, that His declaration of Love was so great, even the fact Jesus Christ walked this Earth was not enough. His declaration of love went to the Cross. Then Jesus conquered death, Hell, and the grave. The Word became flesh. Not only did God declare he loved us. He declared and still declares, through his WORD, that he loves us. Oh How He Loves us, beyond anything we could ever do to deserve it. He sent his SON to the Cross, to be the ultimate sacrifice and ultimate display of his Glory and might. The Word became flesh.

trying to tie in speaking well to others and GO...uh...Since Jesus was the WORD, and I have chosen to follow and give my life to that word, my actions and words should manifestations of Jesus Christ. hmmm. That works! Yes. What I say, should reflect who lives in my life, who is the source of my life.

I will continue to work through the first chapter of John for a couple of days. I look forward to this journey. Feel free to comment and shoot me txts or emails. xoxo


Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 309...goodbyes...

Why is it that I hate goodbyes so much? After taking Zachariah back to his house in Marshall this morning, his boss wanted him to come in early. So we rushed around and got him ready for work. I wasn't prepared to leave so soon. I froze up. I didn't hardly say anything to him. I really don't like goodbyes. Even if it is just for a little while. I really like having him around. We read scripture together, we discuss what it means and looks like to live for Christ, and to be a true worshipper, not just a worship arts student or leader. I really just enjoy his company. He makes me laugh, and makes me smile. He makes me believe in myself, and by the look in his eyes, I am beginning to believe I am the most beautiful woman in the world.

Tomorrow I am going to start blogging in the Gospel of John. I am excited to read another Gospel, I read Matthew this summer while on tour. I enjoyed it. I hope that you enjoy this journey with me as well. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, then saturday I believe we are headed to the racetrack! super excited for that. Hopefully next week I will be able to see Zachariah again before we head off for vacation with the family next weekend. Our home is always open as a weekend get-a-way for him :)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 308...closer...

Being together for only almost four months (next wednesday) has brought me closer to Zachariah that I have been to any other human being. I am not even this close with my Mom anymore. I wonder if it is unhealthy, or if I am losing my mind. Then I begin to think of the dozens of things we have in common or even in harmony with the other. He plays guitar, I sing and play piano. I am play oboe, and he plays french horn. He writes worship songs and is a worship arts major, I sing worship songs all summer and I am a worship arts major. He enjoys peace and tranquility so he can think, so do I. We both enjoy a good live concert. He enjoys digging into the word and also sharing the discoveries with others via blogs. I also enjoy that adventure. I am always moving, hiking, doing errands, and dancing...

I am taking Zachariah back home tomorrow morning. This "weekend" has been wonderful. I am going to miss him so much. But no offense, my love, I will get SO MUCH MORE DONE without you around :) You distract me so much.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 307...here comes the sun...

Seems like the end of tour is really great for me. I got to stay on campus, visit marshall, and now I am taking Zachariah home :)

We have had a wonderful lazy day of pitching a tent, song writing :) and talking, lots and lots of talking. I think I can talk to zachariah about ANYTHING, and never get bored. Its amazing. Something about the way we just flow together is just dumbfounding.

I think that tomorrow we will hit the tent early, since I did leave my phone when we went to star gaze, explore a bit, finish that song we were writing and waste the day away doing absolutely nothing. Its amazing how much I needed the rest :)


Monday, August 2, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 306...marshall, marshall, marshall...

This morning I drove to Marshall to see Zachariah before he went to work at 3. After dropping his car off at the repair shop, we headed to Battle Creek. There we shopped at Target and Christian Family bookstore. I purchased a thinline bible NIV red letter edition. I even had my name monogrammed on the front. I like it :)

after returning to marshall, we grabbed Taco Bell and headed to his family room to play some music. Then his family arrived home from the Lake House and I gave Ariel her bag. Then time for work...It was a great day! Now I am chilling back at the arbor, going to be heading for home tomorrow morning, but I get to take Zachariah with me! He is off for the next two days and he doesn't work until 3 on thursday :) So GOOD!

I also got the Viola today, purchased some rosin, the strings and bow are still in great shape, so I tried it out a wee bit, I can get pretty good tone, but I'm awful at reading alto clef, I am going to have to brush up on that :)

here's to another day of adventure!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 305...end of tour...

Another Wellspring tour has come to an end. I am a bit saddened by this, but I do get to see family and gear up for fall semester!

I feel like we drove all over the place after our celebration sunday service at Clarkston United Methodist Church for Righteous Mission. We ended up in Novi at Mongolian Barbeque. It was my first Mongo experience, but it was great. Then back to campus we went. I am chilling here tonight, but I get to see Zachariah in the morning! Then I am kidnapping him for a couple of days...

God is so faithful. I am thankful for the friendships and great memories I have made.