Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 051

HELP! I'm drowning! I'm drowning in homework!! AH!

I'll bet that every student on campus is feeling this exact sentiment. We're drowning in a sea of homework and assignments with a serious case of procrastination. Look, I'm procrastinating now. I'm blogging instead of researching for my COM 102 posts...oh joy. Its an online class that is going to literally be the death of me.

tomorrow is the combined rehearsal with the SAFMC sanctuary choir and the SAU concert choir. Its at 6:30 then we have prop shop set up and run through at 8pm. PSW starts at 9:30. pray that everything goes well. also pray that people are able to connect with God and he is able to connect with them. I am so thankful for this time of worship and praise. We get to come together as a community of believers and celebrate Jesus' sacrifice and his love for us. Its really a beautiful thing.

alright, i would write more, but I need to start working on my assignments for tomorrow...


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