Monday, November 2, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 036

welcome to another busy week on the campus of Spring Arbor University!

I'm sitting in the library with Kimmee and Jordan, and Eric. not working on homework since I'm a professional procrastinator, and partaking of a wonderful creme de menthe mocha made by Brad Moss from Sacred Grounds. simple divine. and writing. coffee, writing and friends, three of my favorite things.

just now we were discussing "ugly christmas sweaters". I think this is a sign of great things to come. Its november 2nd and we're discussing ugly, or should I say, "unique" christmas sweaters! awesome.

anyway. I think I just spilled the beans on Eric's major change. oops! oh well. they would have found out soon enough. well i need to go shopping. for earrings. and maybe a third hole? yes. oh yes. that would be great :) enough about shopping. no. not spending extra money right now. no. just say no.

and another thing...why did i ever stop listening to Paramore? what brought that on? I have NO IDEA. but we're changing that...two words


I definitely adore Hayley Williams. She rocks. period.

well its almost 3:40 and I have somewhere to be. choir. right. duty calls.


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