Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 042

so this morning at River Tree was a blast. First off, I got to lead a song :) yay, and I also was able to persuade Mitch to keep the key for Here in Your Presence, I just like the harmony better for the key of D than if we would have lowered it to C.

im working on my score study assignment for conducting. Eric helped me a ton! He's amazing. He came over, just to hang out and I shoved my theory woes at him, and he fixed them! so amazing...I want to do something to thank him, but I know that might be taken the wrong way. I know that Heather and I are both struggling with being single. Its hard. Especially when I feel like I could love someone so deeply. I have been told I am not mysterious. That I wear my heart on my sleeve. I need to STOP that. So here's a moment where I am saying, NO MORE. i no longer will share my heart with anyone who will listen. I am now going to be asked...

I do, however fear, never being asked to share my heart. For so long, I have been left alone, not asked to do anything, left out, unthought of by my group of friends...I guess I've just over compensated with sharing my heart to whoever will listen. I guess I have lost the mystery factor. great. how do I get it back?

I ask that you guard my heart. Help me to not wear my heart on my sleeve. God give me back the mystery, making others search out you to find me. When someone doesn't understand why I am so joyful, point them to you. Help them to see my strength, happiness, and joy all comes from you and you alone. I love you. thank you for another beautiful day.
in Jesus' Name,


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