Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 273...exhaustion...

who knew that counseling junior high kids would be sooo exhausting! I am so tired!

give me strength. Let your joy be my strength. Allow me to continue to serve you at the best level possible. I love you.
In Jesus' name,


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 272...BIG...

This week the speaker is talking about how BIG God is. I am so amazed at how BIG God really is. unfathomable. incomprehensible.

May I never fathom just how big you are. Help me to express that to my campers. I love you.
In Jesus' name,


Monday, June 28, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day we go again...

This time I am a junior high counselor. I am not very good at relating to Junior High girls.

I surrender to your will this week. I pray that you use me as you see fit this week. I don't want to be doing anything selfish, its all for these kids and your glory. thank you.
in Jesus Name,


Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day makes perfect...

We are now on our way to Wisconsin. Its a pretty easy shot from Jake's aunt's house. It seems to me that Wisconsin looks like the other side of the lake in Michigan :) Only four more hours and we will be there. 11 hour trip total. It should be interesting. Sky Lodge seems like a nice place according to Liz, Marc and Jake. I am a little nervous about counseling middle school girls, since middle school is mostly blank in my memory bank because I didn't enjoy middle school.

Well, I am just going to trust God. He will need to show up this morning and all this week. Posts are going to be short. Counseling = little time extra :)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 269...saying goodbye...

Today we said goodbye to Scioto youth camp, and may lovely people. Ohio Christian University served with us this week, and we loved it! They were awesome, great hearts and great attitudes for the kids and Christ's service. We completely meshed with Cedarville Univeristy. They are a drama team, five beautiful people who were great to work with. We shared the stage with them, us playing music and they took care of sketches and skits. We loved it!

I am really sad to say goodbye to them, but I am also really excited to see what God is going to do through them this summer! Super awesome stuff I are now at Jake's Aunt's House and we are chilling and crashing for the night. I've got to wait up to do laundry. I'm going to call Zachariah now :)


Friday, June 25, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 268...come as you are, leave changed...

The theme this week at Scioto Senior High Youth Camp is Come as you are, leave changed.

I pray that God will continue to work in these teenagers lives. Tonight we had a prayer walk. The campers really enjoyed that I think...some of the girls took a long time at the last station, communion. I have taken this as a good sign. We have talked about surrendering our attitudes, our desires, our needs to Christ. I think that some of them may have done just that during the prayer walk.

I have again lost my voice. No worries its just hoarse from yelling. I have got to stop doing this to myself! I can't really talk, at least it doesn't hurt. Having strep was painful, having no voice now is just annoying :)

pray that we continue to be healthy, that God continues to use us and find us worthy of his service. We love you guys.

PS there are rumors of a camp wide pillow fight going to happen...oh boy. I hope Lisa and Jeff at least approve it. it would be hilarious...


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Adventure Called Life day 267...birthday number two...

Happy Birthday beautiful Marrissa!
How cool is it that Marrissa and I have our birthdays one right after the other. super. that’s how cool. I hope she has as a great day that I had yesterday. Birthdays at camp are fun :) 
Last night was life changing. We played a really long time. Altar call turned into two, three, four, five songs, then over ten. Jacob played for a long time. None of my girls came forward without shepherd help, so I stayed up on the stage and sang harmonies on the spot with Jacob. It was too much fun. I enjoy this kind of thing, losing myself in worship. Jake eventually put down his guitar and began praying over each team member. It was an amazing experience. To see my team leader, the person who I look to the most for direction on the team to put down his instrument and pray over us in the middle of leading worship was life changing. I am so amazed by how much this team will sacrifice for one another and is always ready to encourage one another. 

I pray that we continue to do this. I pray that Christ continues to be our focus. 


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 266...

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!
Today is my 21st birthday. wow. I am old :) Not really, its just odd to be over 20 years old. Zachariah is only 18. What a cougar right? LOL 
The camp sang Happy Birthday seven times to me today. SEVEN TIMES. I am just in awe of how much I am loved by the campers and the staff. I just can’t believe it. Autumn got me a really nice ornament and a bottle of sparkling apple cider. Autumn came out to the tree after we had cabin devotionals with a scarf wrapped around something. I was like, “what did you do?” then she took out the green glass bottle and I lost it. I laughed until tears squeezed out of my eyes. It was too funny. 
Seth had told me earlier in the breakfast line that he would wait to day Happy Birthday to me, so wait he did. He said it when were standing in line for lunch. It was great. I appreciated that he waited until it was unexpected and it meant so much! Thanks Seth for making me feel special on my birthday. Its difficult being away from home on that day. I share it with my brother, we are three years apart (two years, 364 days and 20 some hours if you ask him:) but born on the same day. I enjoy it. Its all I’ve ever known. 
Time to go sing for service, pray it goes well...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 265...roughing it...

Good morning Scioto. Wow. I am tired, but so, so happy and peaceful. I love this place. I really hope the girls do get together more. I think Lisa and Jeff were a little upset that the girls are not coming together for team building. 
Services are going really well. Tonight was almost what you would have expected at a friday night service of camp. Altar call was immense and long. I can see that God is really moving, breaking down walls and filling the kids with his spirit. Its awesome. I pray that it continues like this, that distractions continue to diminish and disappear. Its great to see the girls engaging in worship and responding to the Spirit.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 264...back to the hills...

we are back at scioto. wow. I am so excited! This place is amazing. I love this place so very much. I am also excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of the campers and us this week...

It felt good to be with a band on that stage again. At Scioto we play in a barn. The sides of the barn swing out and form “wings” Scioto was my first ever Well Spring camp. Maybe I am just really sentimental, I am a woman after all, but I know that Scioto is special mostly because of the people and what God does at this camp. It seems that God just is bigger up on this hill, distractions are definitely less and almost non-existent.
I am a little nervous about the division in our cabin. I have two different social groups represented, the popular girls and the misfits. I am so blessed by each and every one of them. I pray that they will be able to see the benefit in knowing the other group. They could learn so much from the other group. Pray that God moves in their hearts.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day are good...

Marc’s Church is such an encouragement and a huge blessing! They people loved on us, and fed us so much! I love being used by God to touch his people. I often find myself wondering if why I am so blessed. I know that it is so I can give back to others that much more. Huge blessing equals huge responsibility.
Now we are at Scioto. I am in cabin Martha. I am a little sad to not have Noah’s Ark, but I am glad that if it does storm we won’t be dealing with flooding. I have Clarrissa, Emily, Bo Dara, Autumn and Emily from last year in my cabin. Also there is Ashton, Ashley, Kelly, Tiffany and Chelsea in the cabin. I can already see two distinct groups of girls in the cabin. Pray for unity.
We just met the Ohio Christian and Cedarville University teams. They seem super nice and really on fire for Christ. I am looking forward to getting to know them and serving with them this week!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 262...wellspring tour part deux

wellspring tour part deux
We are now back on the road. We just set up for sunday morning service at Marc’s home church in Lansing. Practice went well, I am doing a dance for the service. I’m a little nervous, being out of shape and dancing sometimes makes me wonder if I should be using the passion God has given me. 
Marc’s parents are amazing. They opened up their home to us and have been waiting on us hand and foot. God lives in this home. Its beautiful. I would love to come visit again, they are wonderful people. I am excited for sunday morning service. Our team is just amazing, their deepest desire is to glorify God, all else stuff fades away. I love this job.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 261...toy story adventure continues...

and so the adventure continues for the Toy Story gang. I appreciated the movie very much, I like that they kept most of the cast together for this film. I was surprised at all the dark themes and suspenseful sequences. I am not sure how this will relate to "G" rated audiences. I caution parents for showing this to really young kids. I would even say that this should be a PG movie.

anyway, the best part about going to see this movie was that I saw it with some of my well spring team and people from Spring Arbor. A group of us met up and saw the film. I love doing that. Since I love the cinema and the theatre so much, I really enjoy sharing it with people. There was a time when I didn't like going to movies in groups, that I would just go alone. I think it was mostly because I didn't really have anyone to go I do.

I am excited to see a couple more films this summer. The Last Air Bender looks good, so does "Inception". Both films intrigue me for different reasons...Zachariah is on his way right now to visit me and some people at Spring Arbor for a little bit. We head out for about six weeks tomorrow. Its a little nerve-wrecking to be gone that long from home and from those I love, but my team is amazing and God will see us through.

Tomorrow I'll be reporting from Lansing.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 260...return to the arbor part deux...

well I'm back on campus. Saturday we head out for Marc's church, the service is on Sunday morning, then we head out to Scioto that afternoon. Turns out we will be playing music at Scioto. that is way cool :) I love playing in that barn, its one of my favorite things...

Marrissa just commented that I look great in skinny jeans, that my legs are fabulous. Thanks Marrissa, a little awkward, but a complement that I'll take nonetheless. We are heading to see Toy Story 3 at midnight tonight. yay for being a college kid on tour, with a week off so we can go and see it :) so cool...

Tomorrow I do need to get somethings done. If I am going to do a dance at Marc's church I need to find a song and choreograph it pronto, then it would be nice to help with the service, maybe sit down with Marc, LIz and whoever else would like to help and plan a service :) that would be sweet...sounds like we hit the road late morning, early afternoon on saturday, keep praying for us, we're not done yet, and the exciting part is that God isn't either! yay :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 259...beach volleyball, gummy worms and gas stations

Today was a pretty chill day...nothing too special. I did get to go play beach volleyball this afternoon with my brother and his friends. I am really good at serving, but not so good at anything else! lol...

Now I am going to take a shower and get rid of my sand tan, make dinner and head to Barnes&Noble while mom and kevin go to church. I just want some alone time, and I have to call Zachariah early tonight since he is up so early to be at work. He works at 6am tomorrow! crazy, crazy, crazy kid. but I love him and I am so proud of him.

Today the gas station was crazy, I was just thankful to get in, get out and be done with it. probably the last time I get gas until August. I love Well Spring :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day with the band...

Today I got a call at 7:30am from my father. My parents have been searching for a car for my mother to drive. They found a 2003 Ford Escape. He wants to pick it up tonight. My mother has twisted her ankle and can't drive, so he needed help. Instead of just chilling as SAU, I first went back to sleep for a bit, then got up and packed my suitcase and drove the hour home. I did laundry, then headed to Brighton for some shopping.

First stop was Target, got another couple short sleeve shirts for summer and a pair of earrings. Then on to Payless, one of my favorite stores by far. I picked up a pair of flip flops to replace my falling apart ones, and I caved and splurged on a hat, an unnecessary scarf, and a pair of awesome kicks. The photos are up on facebook, but here are some just for fun...

The fun part is that the woman working in the store asked me as I shopped if I was in a band. She said my style screamed alternative. I laughed and said "sort of?" Then I proceeded to explain about Well Spring. She was interested so I told her about our first camp and how my team had really been great when I was sick and all. I was so excited to share a piece of our journey so far with someone else! She then said that she would be praying for us, so I also told her about the other teams. I thanked her and left, I never thought that buying shoes would turn in to an opportunity to share what God has been doing in my life! It was such a blessing. 

Tomorrow is just a chill day at home. I am looking forward to relaxing. I think I am going to head back to SAU on thursday, but on Friday for sure...we head out on Saturday morning for Marc's church then on to Scioto on Sunday!! 


Monday, June 14, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 257...streams of living water...

In John 4, Jesus and his disciples have been making a long journey. They stop outside of Sychar by the Jacob's well. The disciples continue on to get Jesus some food for lunch, and Jesus sits down at the well. A samaritan woman comes to the well. Now, Samaritans and Jews are not on speaking let alone coexisting terms. They have been enemies for years. Jews think that Samaritans are worth less because they are only part Jew and not full Jew like themselves.

He asks her for a drink. Jesus then calls the woman out about her past. He asks her to go get her husband, knowing full well that she doesn't have one now and has had five. Think of the pain and the emotional turmoil going on inside this woman. Why did Jesus point this out? Why did he talked to the woman. Then he says something that has grabbed a hold of my heart...

"But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life." John 4:14

In John 7:38 Jesus says something similar," He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water,"

The samaritan woman returns to town without her water jar, and brings back people to witness Jesus who has claimed to be the messiah. They believe him and beg him to stay, so he does for a couple of days.

I wonder if the people really grabbed a hold of what Jesus had said, that if we choose him, if we choose to drink of Jesus, then we will flow with living water out to those around us. How exciting and uplifting is that? It is also challenging, how do we empty ourselves so that the Holy Spirit may dwell within us and well up and out of us? I would venture that God's help would be the answer, that we need to surrender to his will for our lives in every aspect, even the everyday mundane things can be full of the Holy Spirit if we allow ourselves to be emptied of the world and filled with living water...


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Adventure Called LIfe Day 257...awaken...

In three weeks we are going to be going as a well spring team on Righteous Mission withe Clarkston United Methodist Church to Indianapolis, Indiana. I am so excited! God has been preparing and moving in the planning of this mission already. It sounds awesome. Tonight we went to meet the kids and play for 611 their youth gathering. Then we broke off into small groups and had discussion.

I had a great discussion with Marc, Marrissa and five other guys in the group. We talked about what it meant to truly awaken ourselves to the miracle of everyday life. That every breath, every bodily function is an absolute miracle. How blessed we are that Almighty God sustains our life!

Awaken is the theme this year. I'm stoked about that. I am ready to be challenged, to be stretched, to grow in ways that I never thought possible. I am so excited to experience God firsthand as we partner with him in what he is already doing in Indy. So exciting, and such a blessing!

tomorrow I am going to see Zachariah. pray that it goes well. There are some heavy things on both of our minds and I would love if you guys would cover us in prayer. thank you.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 256...returning home with full hearts...

returning home with full hearts
Happy Saturday everyone. Well Spring Team 2 has made it through their first week of camp! Praise the Lord! None of us got extremely hurt, sick (at least for very long) and we have some awesome testimonies about what the Lord has done and is doing in the lives of the campers, staff and our own. I have been extremely blessed by the support of the staff, coming down with strep throat has really taught me to ask for help, don’t be ashamed of leaning on others for support. That’s what I would like to do for others, why wouldn’t I do that in return? 
We are on the road, before 10am, and Its amazing to me that we are going to drive seven hours today. We did it last saturday, and it wasn’t bad, then again I was asleep for most of it. I am looking forward to this time around where I will be awake. There is also a bonus, I do get to go see Zachariah tonight! :) super excited for that, but I am also excited to hear stories about this first camp, how it has impacted our newbies and how the veterans are being encouraged by such a blessed week! 
For some reason, the first camp of the summer is always special. Last summer it was the same, the people, the campers, the experience is just special. I think it might be our attitude, how we are so intentional about not having expectations when we go into this first camp. I wonder how we can keep that, the lack of expectation, except the expectation that God will show up.
I pray that you will keep our attitude aligned with yours. Help us to always aim to serve and not be served, to love and understand rather than be understood. I am so thankful and I praise you for this week at Durley. What a blessing it has been to be used by you! I pray for the staff that you would refresh them and revive them so they can continue to serve you. I thank you for the campers and ask that you continue to bless them and keep them close to you Father. Thank you. I love you.
In Jesus’ name
We return to Spring Arbor today, then tomorrow we go to Clarkston to play for and begin our relationship with the youth group. Later this summer we are going on a mission trip with them to Indianapolis, Indiana. Pray that we would be empty of ourselves, full of the Holy Spirit, and full of gentleness, love and grace. Amen! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 255...parachutes, campus adventure, and silly cup games...

Today has been glorious in Greenville. First I hung out with the Preschoolers and made sandcastles on the volleyball court. Then we played parachute games for the family activity. I really love watching the little kids laugh and play. It blesses my heart to see them use their imaginations and have fun...

I am out with Rachel, Liz and Stephanie at yet another coffee shop, but first we visited Greenville and walked around campus, I really love coffee shops. I don't think I'll get anything to drink today, maybe a vitamin water for the road :) but I think that shall be a great idea...

When we return to camp I'm heading to the waterfront to hang out and help Sarah with the canoes and paddle boats. LIfe is great. We're playing music for Jesus, serving Jesus and kids during the day and doing it all the time. I love it. Praise the Lord for such an opportunity like this!

oh, at lunch today I played "the cup game." Its something I haven't played since grade school. I learned that game in the fifth grade! That is eleven years ago! I was ten! now i'm 21! its crazy!! but I love it! I was so happy that I had that skill to play with the girls and learn the song that went along with it because I already new the game...awesome stuff!

continue to strengthen us as we continue on this journey. I thank and praise you for all the provisions you have given us along the way. I love you!
in Jesus Name,


ps....I hope to post a couple of posts about the sermon series Pastor Sloan has done this week at camp, He has had some great points that I would love to share with you guys!! later...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 253...sickness...

please pray for Eric, our fantabulous drummer, he is not feeling well. Some of the guys are not feeling well either. We're going to get to the bottom of this. Luke came to preschool small group swigging a bottle of airborne tablet water. His funny faces were priceless. I think Abby really enjoyed it :)

Today the preschoolers finger painted. wow. that took me back. I felt like I was six again. It was beautiful. I finger painted too, Katie insisted that I did, honest, I just didn't want to do it, okay, yes i did :) anyway, after finger painting we went to the moon. I know right? Zachariah told me via text that if more small groups were that interesting then maybe we would have more people interested in discipleship. He's probably right. that now goes on my prayer list. God, use me to make discipleship as interesting as an imaginative trip to the moon for adults.

so keep us in your prayers, we're doing well. its wednesday and we're still going strong. Praise the Lord!


The Adventure Called Life Day, girl talk, and vision...

im sitting in a coffee shop on the campus of Greenville, College. Rachel, a wonderful fellow worker at the camp took us ladies out for coffee and some time away from the camp. It was fun, we looked at engagement photographs on facebook, which of course made me think of my Zachariah :) I miss him so much! I know that this is where God has me for right now. Zachariah is still with me, every once and a while I will get reminded of him by something someone says, or a song I hear. Also there are times I find myself turning to one side, excited about something and wanting to tell him, as if I expect him to be right beside me. *sigh* some day soon right? oh yes.

For now, I am enjoying being on my own, surrounded by these awesome teammates of mine, doing the Lord's work. To think I get paid to travel to different places, show up to a camp, unpack our music stuff, say, "hello, we are your worship band for the week, anything else you would like us to do?" such a blessing! To be completely available to the camp like that just blesses my soul immensely. I'm convinced that we are designed for service like this, or at least I am. This is what truly gives life to my very being. Being used by the Lord to bless and love his people is the greatest thing I could ever do. To think I get paid to do this "job" just blows my mind all the time! How blessed I am Lord, thank you, let me not take this for granted. I love you! amen.

Eric is feeling much better. I think he might be back to normal. The other guys are well too. I am thankful for health. I am almost back to normal, Praise the Lord! Such a blessing! I lead, "Holding Nothing Back," by Jesus Culture. That song is tough, I challenges me vocally at every turn. I try not to beat myself up over it. By the end of the summer I am going to be a pro at that song :) Oh, and I also lead "Happy Day." I love that song, the hand motions are fun, even the adults were doing them! Oh how much I love to involve the adults that way, it makes my heart smile...

the vision I got today while sitting in the coffee shop was a possibility, a question, if you will. Is it possible for Christians today to internalize the joy, the sorrow, the pain, the mystery, of the stories of the Bible? For example, do we truly live like we believe that Christ is actually ALIVE? Shouldn't that makes us SHOUT FOR JOY? I would think so. Does this mean we need to actually have the Holy Spirit dwell within us, is that the root of the problem? I'm thinking that might be it. If we truly live with the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, then our strength is no longer sufficient, His is, our love is no longer sufficient, His is, our grace is no longer sufficient, His is. This is what it means to truly live...

well there's the start of another vision...thanks Lord...


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 252...raindrops, freeze tag and silly songs

It looks like it might rain any minute here at Durley Family Camp. That makes me a little sad since I was going to try to participate in this afternoon’s activity. As long as it doesn’t rain I definitely will tomorrow! I love playing games with the kids and the families, its a lot of fun! 
I am working with Jamie Ward, and fellow team member Luke Paul, for the Preschooler’s daily class. Jamie is the staff person, and Luke and I are just helpers. The kids are so cute. Abby and Mylee both are pretty shy, but Mylee has started to talk some. Abby still just stares at you with those big blue eyes and just smiles her “I know you want me to talk, but I’m not gonna!” smile. precious, frustrating, but oh so precious. Today before we had our “lesson” we played freeze tag. Ivan is very fast, but Joshua really likes to run and he is super fast! I can tell he likes to play sports. Ivan has just been recently adopted from Russia! I’m not sure if he is used to always playing games like tag, but I would think they play tag in Russia? I don’t know...anyway, I ran around, not too fast so the little guys could catch me, but boy it felt to run and do something! 
Today at lunch I sat with the table of middle school girls again. They taught me some silly songs. I love silly songs. I especially love the Princess Pat. Also the Banana song is good too. I may have to teach them the Weenie man song. Its funny :) or the Jesus in a White box song. that one makes me laugh :) well, looks like it is actually raining, no ultimate frisbee this afternoon, looking forward to the water front, hope it clears up in a little bit so the kids can enjoy the lake! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 251...sweet saxaphone guy...

Tonight as a Well Spring team we had the immense privilege to play with a phenomenal professional musician named Bill. He is affectionately known to Jake, Liz and Marc as “sweet saxophone guy.” Let me tell you, he lives up to his name. Great player, great skill, but his heart is so big. I loved it. 
Previously this afternoon I had a break down. Its to be expected. I’ve been getting better, and all of a sudden I feel like I did Friday night and Saturday. In fact I felt the worst I’ve felt this whole time. Spiritually I didn’t feel that low, singing with the band has helped. I don’t want to say, “Oh this is an attack,” but I sure feels that way. I have never been barred this much from ministry in my life. I am only 20, soon to be 21 years old, and I just have felt so beaten down. Tonight, worshipping, leaving all that I am before God really helped me connect with him again. I pray that my authentic offerings of worship help others enter in to the throne room of God. I pray that the members of the congregation are encouraged to surrender to God, to offer up themselves as living sacrifices because he alone is worthy!
We continue this week now with Liz! She has returned to us from Michigan where she was at home with her sister for her graduation. Such an exciting thing! I am missing my brother’s graduation and his party while we are at this camp :( But I am super proud of him and how he is choosing to live his life for Christ and not himself. Its such a blessing to have a brother who is pursuing Christ! 


Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 250...panic attack, mud, and softball bats...

its another beautiful day here at Greenville Family Camp. I keep calling it that just to remind you that we are currently in southern Illinois. The camp is actually called Durley Family Camp. I woke up this morning and after fumbling through a shower, a getting myself to breakfast I broke down and didn’t try to sing at all. I could barely open my mouth far enough to enunciate properly. Its like that awful sore feeling you wake up to after working out really hard the day before. Your muscles are tight and swollen, well that was my throat this morning. 
Instead of going to rehearsal I went back to the cabin to lay down. I also opted out of small group time to give myself more rest before service at 10:30 am. So from 8:30ish until 10 I took a nap. I woke up, feeling slightly sore, but so much better than before. I went to service, didn’t sing, but the girls that Marrissa and I have been hanging out with saved me a seat :) It was precious. After service we at lunch with them again.
I love softball, and the camp held an all camp softball game today. I didn’t go change into tennis shoes and bum a glove off of someone, I just went back to cabin, slathered on some sunscreen and went out to enjoy watching. Jake and Luke are very athletic, and Jake seems to really enjoy playing. Its cool to see him connect with the kids that way. Emily, a girl at the camp here is going into eighth grade. I sort of see some of myself in her, like her personality is very mature and she doesn’t have a big tolerance for goofiness of silliness. I have changed since eighth grade, praise the Lord, but I still can identify with her. She has a fantastic arm, and she has a great bat. I cheered for people I knew and people I didn’t. I made sure not to yell too loud :) 
I have been talking to a couple of the FOUR doctors here at camp, and they have cleared me for singing if the swelling stays minimal like it is right now. I’m supposed to tell Jake a dinner (in a couple of minutes) what my final call is. I sure hope my throat stays that this, I doesn’t hurt to swallow that much anymore :) Praise the Lord! 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 249...airborne...

Before we left the Walrath’s house this morning, Betty was sure to give us a package of Airborne. Luke being the suave medic he is, decided to order the other team members to take a tablet at our latest rest stop. We are in Illinois, about an hour away from the camp in Greenville. Well needless to say, but mayhem ensued. Luke apparently emptied his water bottle a little before putting a tablet of airborne in it. Marc and Jacob did not, so they almost fizzed over when they opened the top after mixing them up. It was funny. Then Jacob brought out his ukulele. He began writing a song about how awful airborne made him feel. I won’t repeat lyrics, they’re a little (okay a lot) questionable, but let’s just say inspite of my throbbing throat I laughed really, really hard.
We’re almost to Greenville. Apparently we’ve got about a half hour until we get there. It will be interesting to see how I’m treated tonight. I want to help set up, but I think that Jake and the guys will refuse my help. I’m not sure if there really is anything I can do. I’m trying to to think that I maybe should have stayed home for the weekend and came with Liz on monday, but we’ll see how it goes. Let the joy of the Lord be my strength!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 248...urgent care...

You read right, yes, I have now officially been to urgent care. Because my Well Spring team is leaving for Greenville tomorrow morning. Dr. Walrath took me to the urgent care center in Jackson. They got me right in and out. It was pretty obvious that I had a case of strep throat. I had a fever and my throat was very swollen and red. The nurse who did my strep test kept saying how nasty my throat looked, and that I was lucky I had come in so early because it looked terrible this small. great, thanks lady!
Now we have the trailer packed, and my team is all settling in for the night, packing for Greenville. We are heading to a family camp. It is going to be a pretty laid back week, so I’ll get the chance to rest up some more. great!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day work...

welcome to almost the end of training week day two! Well Spring team two has come through a lot! 36 songs yesterday...and numerous sets today. I really enjoy working with these beautiful, talented and jesus loving people! Luke is such a comic, but his knowledge and musical drive is very admirable. Jake of course is a great leader, he is poised and has such a quiet glow about his personality that attracts teenagers like a magnet. Marrissa's joy is unmatchable. Marc is amazing, his helpfulness and his diligence are such a huge blessing. Jacob has a fantastic sense of humor and he is great at guitar too, Liz blows me away with her sweet smile and her mad keyboard skills along with her killer voice. Eric is a great leader as well, he is a fantastic drummer, but he is also passionate about Christ and loving others. I am very blessed to be on this team!

We have just finished a day of rehearsal and teaming up to move all our equipment to the auditorium for a mock set up and sound check before we hit the road. We're heading to town in a few minutes for a store run, I think I need cough drops, panty hose, maybe some gum and....


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day, rehearsal, take a break, repeat...

Today marks our first day "in the studio" one might say as a team. We worked on 36 SONGS. that's right over thirty tunes in the course of just 9 short rehearsal hours. Now I am just completely wiped. I really wish I had the energy to do a post, a really good one...maybe this weekend, like saturday when we are on our way to Greenville, maybe I can do some reflection then.

anyway, we have more rehearsal time tomorrow, but I think we have a few other things we are doing as well, that will be nice. all we did today was eat, and play, eat and im just pooped.

I did get some great news! WE ARE GOING TO SCIOTO!!!!! AH!!!!!!!! I am soooooo excited! I love love love this camp! It was my very first camp on Well Spring, and my first experience counseling campers. I loved it. The place is high in the Ohio hills, we sleep in barns that have 1/2 inch cracks in the walls and the floor boards, the roofs are tin and to have fun we make a slip n' slide down the hill. its a grand time. We also play in this really cool barn that has "wings"...the walls open up and push out so they "fly" like wings when propped up. Its a really neat place and I'm excited to go back!!!! I didn't think I would get to!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 245...oh to be a hostess...

That's my job on tour this summer. I am the hostess. I'm not extremely excited about it, but I will choose to be. I will get excited about our awesome university. I'll be honest, the admission's part of Well Spring is not why I am doing the tour, the ministry, the loving on kids is why I am a Well Spring-er.

oh to be a hostess. *sigh*

Dearest Lord,
I come before you, not sure what to do. I know you have given me this job for a purpose. Can you use a vessel like me? Show me what I need to surrender, what I need to give up, what I need to grab a hold of, and what of you that I need to fill myself with. I love you so much, and I want that to be conveyed above all else to the kids we're preparing for. God, prepare our hearts, our minds, our spirits, our souls for this journey ahead. Let us always remember that its a journey, full of twists and turns, ups and downs, be our strength, let your joy be our supply O God. Thank you for this opportunity to serve and be used by you.
In Jesus' Name,