Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 045

today in my music and ministry class we received articles, and were sent out to work on them in groups. I chose to work in the group that was most out of my box. I chose the gaming article. our group is Heath, Mitch, Kayla and myself. It stressed the importance of community, and the importance of acceptance that the teenagers crave. so this will be rather interesting, seems that my group is unsatisfied by what the articles have to offer. WE ARE GOING DEEPER! yay :) I LOVE when this happens. This is when I truly feel like I am at University, going off of what the Professor started and gave us, and exploring what else is out there. so great.

melanie is still sick. please keep praying she is well soon. We miss her, but I know that missing class is not very easy at this time in the semester!

well, I think I might grab a coffee, then head over to the Wellspring Room to get things set up for practice! so excited! phil is going to be there to play electric! yay! I think that might be the second time i've typed yay. wow. LOL...well its time to get moving. I have conducting to study for tonight, and piano to work on also! busy busy busy day!


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