Thursday, November 19, 2009

we get smaller YOU get bigger...

that was my prayer tonight. That we would become smaller, as God became bigger.

and the moments. oh how I loved the glimpses of glory. of surrender, of grace. Tonight amidst the congregation, I saw God. I saw him manifested in the smiles, in the tears, in the laughter and the cries for help. I saw him in the hands raised in the heads bowed. I saw him moving among the people and it took my breath away.

tonight I found my voice. I found myself confident. Not in my ability, but God ability to be strong in my weakness. That is probably what I need to do in piano. I need to allow God to be strong in my weakness. anyway, I really felt tonight that THIS IS IT. This is what I am BORN to do! I may need more practice, I may need a bit more training, but THIS IS IT. Planning the service, making sure it goes as planned, and leading the team...THIS IS IT. I sort of felt that this summer, but it was more pronounced, more clear tonight.

I praise God for tonight, and that things went relatively smoothly...I'm sort of dreading seeing myself on video we'll just conquer that when it comes...I just hope that tonight made an impact on people and they were able to connect with God and give him praise.


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