Monday, November 16, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 050

happy big 5-0! its day 50 of my little challenge to myself...only 315 days left :)

today Chapel provided an opportunity, an opportunity for me to start over, begin again and be restored. Bridgett Duffey's pastor, Rick spoke today. He brought us the prophecy that is found in Joel 2 and is fulfilled in Acts 2.

He stressed that he wasn't looking for an "experience" he was looking for people to go with God, and come expecting the unexpected. He called for a generation that no longer puts God into our little denominational boxes, and our little experience boxes. He called for people to come and leave expectations behind.
Something has been stirring inside of me regarding this for quite some time. I am simply puzzled by denominational wars and arguments. I was one of those Pentecostals who thought that Pentecostal was the only way to go and that we some how had it all figured out. boy was I wrong. No one has it all figured out. Jesus doesn't even know the hour that HE will return to heaven, how are we supposed to know?

I have always been puzzled at the thought we can somehow determine what God will do, or how he will manifest himself. HE IS GOD. doesn't that blow down all walls we could ever construct, cross cultural, social and economic boundaries. Do we truly believe that He is God? How can we limit the One who has always been. The One who is creator of all things, who loves us so deeply we can't contain it (this is my theory of what joy is) and who made each of us unique with little quirks and differences, coloring the entire world a brilliant shade of multi-dimensional rainbow.

tonight is the final rehearsal for Prop Shop Worship. I am honestly a little disappointed with the effort put forth and the creativity that has been expressed. I have decided to worship sign "Many Gifts One Spirit" because people haven't stepped up with the scripture. well I have lots to do and accomplish before class...


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