Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heaven and Earth

Phil Wickham's brand new album comes out on Tuesday. I am waiting until Christmas to own it, since my mother claims that I have no need to buy it. That usually means she's already ordered it. thanks mom!

Anyway, I went to the Phil Wickham concert at The District in Lake Orion on friday night. Probably one of the best concerts I've been to. The venue rocked, Mitch and Heath both sat behind the sound board for AUD 174, and just because sound boards rock too :) I sound system is state of the art, Mitch tells me it runs at an easy 110 Decibels without distortion. that's pretty hip.

If it was possible for my admiration to grow of Phil Wickham it has. He is an amazing song writer, vocalist and also has killer stage presence. There are some people that you can't take seriously *cough* the singer before Phil *cough* but Phil is the real deal. He is a very gifted worship leader, he wasn't giving a concert, he was leading worship. That's uber cool in my book. I would rather artists do that than "give concerts".

one song in particular blew me away, its called I'll Always Love You, and its off the new record.
here's the link


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