Monday, January 11, 2010


So Ron asked me today, how do you see yourself? a girl or a woman?

and I thought about it for a minute. um. a young woman? is that an option?

I am definitely not a girl anymore. I have been through too much, handle things that no girl should ever have to think about. I am mature in the way that I am responsible for myself, and I am also responsible for my own personal spiritual growth.

Then he asked how have I changed during this transition from girl to young woman?

I am thinking that this desire to have a relationship, a real, meaningful relationship with a man is a result of this transition. I didn't have the deep desire for connection at this time last year. what happened? what sparked inside of me to make me feel this way. ugh. I don't know. but I figured writing it down would be a good idea. well im tired. emotionally drained. and just upset. pray for peace and patience. thank you.


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