Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Adventure called Life Day 101...early bird gets the worm...


I stared at the ceiling, and wondered WHY ON EARTH my alarm was going off so early.

then i remembered.

a smile slowly spread across my face, and i squealed.

yes, I squealed. Okay, so I'm a girl, what do you want? anyway, I quickly covered my mouth because I quickly realized that I was in fact staring up quite closely at the ceiling. I found myself on my bunk bed at school. so I rolled off the bed, and got myself into the shower and some oatmeal for breakfast. After quickly reading my bible and blow drying my hair, I was out the door.

I then drove to Ann Arbor. Yes you read correctly. Ann Arbor, to meet my mother. There waiting for me was a beautiful dress. I am going to wear it my best friend's brother's wedding in February. Its a formal wedding, and I wanted something special. Actually the prospect of finding a new dress was just too lovely to resist.

so I went to Dress Barn, and found a wonderful black and white dress. The bodice is a halter style, and black. Its rather short, it stops just above my belly button. the shirt is beautiful black, white and silver silk. It s a lovely draping style. and I'm wearing it sunday. yes, its a bit much for River Tree. But how I want to wear it! It is so lovely for my figure...I feel like such an attractive woman in it. Maybe a little inappropriate feeling for sunday, but Its so lovely. Its not revealing, its just very flattering to my waist and hips. I feel very feminine in it.

well now I'm watching Finding Neverland. It is my favorite film. I love it. I am a writer myself. I have so many stories floating around in my head. There is the story of Summer and Trace and Stone Ridge. Then there is Christine and Garrett and the little town of Maxton, Texas. and yet another tale of Severus Snape and Lumora Ollivander and the wonderful world of Hogwarts. And there are countless others that I long to tell. I have short little tid bits that I want to tell. Little stories of things that happen at the music building on campus, then things that happen at the race track. I want to also write a "semi fiction" of our travels this summer on Wellspring. I do hope to be able to write this coming term and the semester, and this summer. I love to write. words are my favorite.


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