Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 107...who's your peter pan?

I just watched the last ten minutes of Peter Pan (2005) when I arrived back from class. I was just reminded of the peter pan in my own life.

His name is Gordon Wright. I met him at Royal Family Kids' Camp the spring of my senior year of high school. He is my best friend. He is actually a year behind me in school, and is at the Teen Mania Honor Academy in Garden Valley Texas. So I barely see him, but I do talk to him on occasion. Royal Family Kids' Camp is a free week of camp for abused and neglected children in the foster care system. We were on the drama team together both summers that I was there at camp. I still help my Grandmother with getting clothes together for the Sunshine shop, and I'm on the prayer team list. So I'm still connected, but because of Wellspring, I'm not there AT camp :( But anyway, we were construction workers. so. much. fun.

I was a prissy construction worker, pink gloves, rhinestones, and compact in hand. I was always leaving for hair appointments, and complaining of the "icky" callouses and dirt. LOL. Totally not me. but oh so much fun to play.

well, back to why Gordon is my peter pan. He is the person that rekindled that "childlike" part of my soul. He basically made it okay for me to be like a kid again, and be true to myself, all the way through to what I was projecting out to the world. Being Authentic. That's what really sparked this whole journey inside of me. It made me not take light heartedness or childlike faith for granted. It made me long for it, desire it and ultimately seek to obtain it.

I guess this post is just to commemorate that, and to say THANK YOU. to him. He's amazing, and I am so blessed to call him a friend. Thanks Gordon for being faithful, and accepting me, for me!


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