Friday, January 29, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 124...weekend retreat...

so its finally here, my Well Spring team is hitting the road and going to Somerset Beach Campground for the weekend! and its only the second day of classes for second semester :) I only have one more class today, its Spanish 2. 

and i think i'll have to stop at Sacred Grounds before my next class. I need a little caffiene to ensure i don't fall asleep before its time tonight. I think I'm almost all packed, so i can just come back from class, eat a sandwich, take a nap, get a quick shower and run out the door to meet up with the team.

I am super pumped for this retreat. I've been praying that God will show up and move in a might way in these kids' hearts and lives. I'm excited to get to know my teammates better, but also to get to know the kids and serve them!!

grant us your protection as we travel, and keep up all healthy and warm this weekend. We are going to Somerset to meet with you, and to serve your purpose of bringing your Kingdom to Earth. We love you. We adore you, we exalt you and praise you for this opportunity and the talents and gifts you have given us!! 
In Jesus' name,


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