Monday, January 18, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 113...deep living...

I met with Ron again this morning. He analyzed my results of my temperament test. I scored all of my points above the middle line. Ron found my results to be very interesting, considering not many people do that. I am in the high 90th percentile for sympathy, social interaction, and self expression. which basically means I care about people, and i want people to care about me.

Ron also said that what the graph tells him is that I live deeply, that i feel everything in life. awesome. so life hurts more, but also, I experience JOY abundantly and deeply. that's cool. very cool.

also,  tonight i meant with with my wellspring team! YAY! it was lots of fun. we jammed. Jacob is leading the band, and Jake is final say. I like that dynamic a lot. plus our team is very talented, and fun, fun, fun :)

now im watching the bachelor with the girls. so funny.


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