Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day love...

is it wrong to be in love with life?

I don't know exactly how to describe it. I feel like I am in love with life. I enjoy the simple things, like puffy white clouds, deep blue skies, sunshine, driving, hanging out with my parents and my younger brother. I enjoy coffee black, tea unsweetened, and unseasoned meat. Some would say, I'm my father's daughter. But then you could also argue I'm my Mom's little girl. Both of my parents enjoy simplicity. 

today after i arrived back home from church with Hannah, Scott and Mitch, i was sitting in the living room. and I just had a daydream off...

im driving, and i'm looking out the window, upwards at the sky, its full of white puffy clouds and the sky is deep blue. 
we're on our way to the race track, its saturday. I'm driving, and my mother is in the passenger seat. And this feeling of deep contentment washes over me. I really don't know how to describe the joy, the happiness that I feel when i am with my family. Knowing that you belong, that they love you no matter what you do, is probably biggest blessing I have ever been given. 

so yes, i am in love with life. Is this wrong? I've often felt like it is. I am told by God to love and serve him, to not have any other God's before him. I would say that I struggle with this as anyone does...but because I am in love with life, does that mean I am not also in love with my Savior? 

I want to say no, it does not. That, yes, I am in fact in love with Jesus Christ, because I love life. The reasons why I love life, exude Christ-like qualities. My "interests" on facebook are; authenticity, prayer, worship, listening, people watching, God's voice, learning from other people, listening to other people, serving, kids...All things that Jesus merits. So the reasons why I love life, do not make Jesus smaller in my life, I would like to think that the things I love in life make him bigger.

I love NASCAR. deal with it. Jesus loves NASCAR too. true story. He loves the Community and he loves the family. I'm sure of it. There is something about the way they take care of each other, of course there is business, but the families are all involved, and they genuinely care for one another. Its wonderful. The same thing happens at the local short tracks. The staff become like a family, they racers have a certain air of respect and camaraderie. 

I do not like feeling like I need to "justify" my love for certain things. I always feel like I'm justifying my "weirdness" or my "oddity". Its rather odd in itself...LOL. I meet again with Ron tomorrow. that should be interesting. I like talking with him, I just wish that someone my own age would take an interest in me. I guess its a lot of work. Its just that desire within myself to "be okay." So.

You are enough. I am stripping away the part of me that doesn't believe that and letting you take it. I love you. I desire to do your will. Lord, allow me to serve you without expecting ANYTHING. I pray for River Tree, and I lift up Andy and Janelle to you. They need your provision and guidance right now. You are God. We are not. We are depending on you for everything. You are faithful. Thank you.
In Jesus' name,


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