Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 111...make a wish...

have you ever had someone look at the clock, and see it was 1:11 and say, "make a wish" well, that's what popped into my head when i typed "Day 111" in the title of this entry. weird. I am not one for wishes and fairy tales. I do dream, but usually in "real world" terms as my mother so candidly puts it.

what makes us dream? What makes us wish upon a star with all our hearts? I've often wondered it this is just another facet of bearing the image of God. Does God dream? Does God "wish" for things, some would say no, He's God. He doesn't need to dream. Well, okay, but what about when he looks at us, and sees what we can become? Is that dreaming? Is that a wish? Granted, he's God, he knows what the outcome will be, but could it be? I'm not sure. I'd like to think that God dreams, I wonder if he dreamed the world before he created it? Did he imagine what to create, I wonder if he imagined us with more limbs that just two legs and two arms? I wonder if the water was green until he decided he liked blue better for the color of the sky.

This might seem childish, but I don't agree. I love things like this. I love moments where I am reminded to be a child when I look at God. God wants us all to have childlike faith. I also believe he desires for us to dream, and imagine, to create. and I also know that he desires us to SHARE these dreams and imagination adventures with Him. He's jealous, he wants to be the first one to know. He wants to be the first one we tell about our new vision or idea. He loves us. oh how he loves us.

so DREAM. IMAGINE. CREATE. BE YOURSELF. God loves you just as you are. and wishes are meant to lift us up, to bring hope. so make a wish. after all, its Day 111 :)


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