Friday, January 8, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 102...sweatin' to the oldies...

Thursday, January 7, 2009

i am living in another snow globe! YAY :) I LOVE snow! it has been snowing non stop for the last six hours. its quite beautiful, and I am super thankful I did my grocery shopping yesterday!! PRAISE THE LORD!

I had class today, then I went over to Liz Dusseau's office. Liz wanted to talk about this summer. So now I am going to talk to Ron about last summer. Work through some confidence issues on my part, and also confrontation phobia that I have. So meeting with Ron confirmed for 3:3o tomorrow.

Then after stopping by liz's office, I got back to the house, and headed to the gym. It was amazing. I did 35 minutes on the cross trainer machine, then another 15 on the bike to cool down. I LOVE that machine. AH! and I just feel invincible afterwards. Tomorrow I'm going to try to lift a little bit. I would like to do free weights, but maybe I should get help. I would ask Mitchell, but I don't know if thats in some unwritten code as a "do not" for our relationship, whatever it is...LOL...anyway, I will probably just do the machines. I will still do the cross trainer machine, the bike to cool down, then some weights.

so maybe I'll get the courage up to ask him for help. I'm sure he would be willing to at lease show me what to do. He won't have to be there all the time, just a couple to get me started. It would be nice to go and work out with someone regularly. Maybe I'll call him tomorrow. Maybe

also, I had a wonderful talk with Matt Voiles. He did not make Wellspring. He is a great musician, and he has a wonderful heart for the Lord's ministry. Its so encouraging to see how he is handling this closed door. He is going to grow so much from this, and I am praying that doors will open for him this summer. He's worried about money, and is being realistic about school. he's paying for it on his own. So money is an issue. I've had my own money issues. My father has been paying for school, but I buy all my groceries, and clothes, gas, pay car insurance, and misc stuff. Which is probably normal for everyone else. But somehow I've managed to get lots of hidden fees on my bank account and a resulting over draft charge because I didn't account for the monthly maintence fee. Its rather embarrassing what a mess I've made of my finances. yuck. so this year, money is scarce, as it should be. I should not be focusing on money. God is my focus. AMEN.


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