Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 123...let the headaches begin...

so either i didn't drink enough water today, or i am just in over my head, because its the first day of the semester and I already have a headache. no good.

well, im singing in the music lab next friday :) oh joy...and its the one were EVERYONE will be there too...just great! anyway, my Well Spring team is traveling to Somerset this weekend. super excited for that. We are going to be playing FOUR SETS!! yikes! four, that's a lot for our first time out in just three short days! but we can do it, or should I say, that God can do it, through us, if we allow.

i think i just need to relax, i was very stressed due to new music today for choir and chambers. that could be the entire cause of this headache. i hope thats all it is :)


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