Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 118...stories...

culture shock. experiencing culture shock is rare on Spring Arbor University's Campus. But today, sitting in Lowell Lobby with Nora Griffin, whom I met this summer during our stay in Canada at Maple Grove Family Camp for Well Spring. We were working on our project for CPS 150 and she brought out these "turtles". Of course I know what "Turtles" are, but for some reason, the packaging, and the candy was just screaming FOREIGN to me. It was a split second reaction, and I felt culture shock. it was hilarious. 

Drumline today was epic. there's no other way to describe it. i loved it. EPIC. well, after getting to practice late, we ran through some stuff, then reconvened at 2:30. After loading up Chad's truck with our stuff, we we're off. Then SOMEONE forgot the Gong mallet. That's right, Spring Arbor University COUGAR Drumline has a GONG. we're just cool like that :) anyway, that SOMEONE just happened to be ME. So off I went running back to the band room for a mallet. I think its a record. Field house, to band room, grab mallet and back in SIX minutes. I sure hope it is, I was tired after it...LOL...

Then after the game, we loaded up the truck again. Kyle, Shannon and I rode back to the band room in the truck. Kyle commented on how the Men's games are so much faster and better than the Women's games. I think the Women are good, but they have struggled a bit when we have been there...anyway, He proposed we give them testosterone. LOL. Then he said in his "girl voice" something like, "Well, we won the game, but we got in like four fights, I just don't get it..." SO. FUNNY. I know we were sort of making fun of them, but I think it would actually be quite hilarious if they were to go on testosterone. LOL :)

tonight I had a little "alone time" which is good. very good. I cleaned up the kitchen, made dinner, then sat down to watch Beauty and the Beast. LOVE that movie. I'm such a girl. Then I watched Beauty and the Beast - An Enchanted Christmas. A - MAZING!!

So much to discover
I do it all the time
I could live inside right pages
Where the words all rhyme

We will slay the dragons
I'll still follow him around
And he'll smile
Yes, he'll smile
As his dreams leave the ground!

Stories and stories
About mermaids, kings and sunken treasure
Magic worlds where the impossible
Becomes the everyday
I know a tiny place
Just a dot,
Too small to measure
I'll lead him there, I know the way!

this is my favorite song right now. I am so this. SO this. I love God, and the way he can even work through DISNEY movies! so awesome :)


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