Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 116...patience...

we sang a song this summer called "patience"

have patience have patience
don't be in such a hurry
have patience have patience
you'll only start to worry
remember remember
that God has patience too
so just think of all the times that
others had to wait on you

I am struggling with patience right now. I want things to MOVE, faster would be nice. I would like to be further along in many areas of my life right now than I currently am. Its annoying. I know that I am to be content in where I am at, and enjoy every moment. So that is my prayer. Patience.

grant me patience. I want to enjoy the moments, the little things in life. Help me not to get a head of you and what you are doing here and now. The future is important, but I am not promised tomorrow. Let me never live that way. Let me never take today for granted because I'm looking forward to tomorrow. You alone are worthy of all the praise, the glory, the honor. I love you. You alone are GOD. Lord, I also lift up Haiti. I pray that those that are lost will be found, that you will give wisdom to the doctors and people rescuing others. Lord, let your spirit fall upon Haiti today. Show yourself mighty in the midst of this storm. Thank you.
in Jesus' Name,


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