Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 125...oh happy day...

Saturday,  January 30, 2009 
oh happy day! happy day!
you washed my sin away
oh happy day! happy day!
i'll never be the same
forever im changed

this is the song that I get the privilege to lead. so. much. fun :)

This weekend has been such a blessing so far. Tonight, we had an extended response time for the kids. Dozens of kids came down to pray with their leaders, and we stayed up and played. Jacob lead, and he sang a couple of songs that I didn't know very well, but it didn't matter. We meshed, and let the spirit lead us. Such a blessing! Lord, you are good. Let me never forget that. ever.

I am in awe of what God is doing in each person on our team. He is so alive in us, and I am just so thankful that my team is open to the spirit. Its so vital to effective ministry, spirit filled ministry is the best :)

well I'm tired, and its time for sleep. God is so good!!


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