Friday, August 20, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day mattress...

There is something simply luxurious about a change in your bed, of course if its for the better. this change is. The mattress is probably older than my other one, but it is not as used as my parent's old one that I've been sleeping on at home. This mattress is softer and much more comfortable. I should now not wake up with a sore neck and shoulders.

Things are pretty quiet around here. My brother is packing, he leaves for UNOH tomorrow afternoon. I am not sure if we are helping him move down there or  not. I hope we are, I would like to have an adventure to Lima, OH. That would be fun :) Anyway, got all my door decorations finished this afternoon! So exciting. Now I have to find a box to pack them in so they don't get bent or crushed. Now its time for dinner. I am not sure what I will do tonight, probably some more laying around is in order im sure. My oboe book came in at the music man. I shall go and get that tomorrow. That will be fun to get playing again!


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