Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 322...happy birthday to Z...

Because Zachariah's mom had a writing conference to go to, we were kindly asked to vacate the premises early this morning. We compensated by going shopping. First we took a trip to B&N where I organized my floor list. Then we adventured around the mall. I guess its a good thing that we did. We had an amazing encounter with God.

Minges Hills Church of God is inside of Lakeview Mall. We were walking by and Zachariah stopped to read the sign. Annoyed, I pulled on his hand, but soon the pastor came out. We got talking and then he dropped the "W-L" bomb...


yup :) turns out they need someone to lead worship. This fall he was going to contact SAU to look for someone. I have been feeling God telling me to not go back to River Tree. That I need to get out on my own, to gain experience. To GROW. and to follow his voice and his leading. I believe he may be leading me to Minges Hills. very exciting. the next thing to see is if it will count for an internship. that would just take the cake quite literally. If Z helps me, we could potentially have dinner at his parent's house every sunday

Then we ended our trip with a romp through Wal*Mart. I purchased a bedding set and some matching grown up curtains for Zachariah's newly cleaned room. He has never had a matching bed set that he can remember. I just found that to be awful and wrong, so I fixed that for his upcoming birthday :) I hope he enjoys sleeping in new sheets...I know that I do! So happy 19th birthday love. you are the best!


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