Friday, August 6, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 310...clean teeth...

This morning I got up, sort of dinkered around and then finally got ready to go to the dentist. (see Z, im not that mature either...) then the dentist went well, no cavities, and for only having a check up once a year, I am doing very well with brushing and flossing. YAY :)

So, another year of clean teeth. This some how got me thinking about how clean my mouth is. Is it an instrument used to build others up, or is it just for tearing down. I know I said I would blog on John today, so I am going to work on tying this principle in. Lord, help me.

The Word became Flesh.

Whoa. That statement in itself just stops me in my tracks. At first I imagined the idea that the book that I am holding literally became FLESH. Well, actually it really did. The Word is not just a book, it is a living, breathing being, existing outside of time and space. It is Jesus Christ. Wow. The Word became manifested in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the culmination of this Love Letter that God has been writing to his people since the beginning. For God to make it that clear, that blatant to the world, that His declaration of Love was so great, even the fact Jesus Christ walked this Earth was not enough. His declaration of love went to the Cross. Then Jesus conquered death, Hell, and the grave. The Word became flesh. Not only did God declare he loved us. He declared and still declares, through his WORD, that he loves us. Oh How He Loves us, beyond anything we could ever do to deserve it. He sent his SON to the Cross, to be the ultimate sacrifice and ultimate display of his Glory and might. The Word became flesh.

trying to tie in speaking well to others and GO...uh...Since Jesus was the WORD, and I have chosen to follow and give my life to that word, my actions and words should manifestations of Jesus Christ. hmmm. That works! Yes. What I say, should reflect who lives in my life, who is the source of my life.

I will continue to work through the first chapter of John for a couple of days. I look forward to this journey. Feel free to comment and shoot me txts or emails. xoxo


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