Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 328...zumba...

I have just been sucked in by an infomercial. Have you ever watched an infomercial and thought to yourself, "Hmmm, this has to be the best thing i've seen out there for what I want to do..." ? Well. I at least have a couple of people in my life who absolutely LOVE Zumba. Greg Martin, a youth pastor in Clarkston, and leader of Righteous Mission raves about it. He claims to have lost 30 lbs and loves the classes. Well, since I am a dancer by passion and trade, I think a workout like this is just what I have been looking for. Now, you might say that I have been sucked in by their advertising. But the good news is, that there is a money back guarantee. If I don't love it, I just send it back for a full refund. great. So my workout will be here thursday. look out world, a new, slimmer, toner, sexier Carolyn is coming your way!

on a side note, I am going to be working my butt off today, packing, cleaning, preparing to enjoy a couple of days off with my boyfriend. Zachariah is coming to visit tomorrow. I hope. He has to work his tail off likewise. Here we go!


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