Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 316...caseville is the new coolsville...

Adventure never stops in my life, as you have seen from the past 315 days of this blog. I am always discovering, uncovering, working to find answers and live life to its fullest. That is no different when I am on vacation. The adventurer in me never sleeps. Maybe that is why I appreciate Scooby Doo and the mystery gang so much.

My family has traveled to the bumbling burg of Caseville. Its the "tourist trap" of the thumb. It seems that we have arrived just in time for the Cheeseburger festival. It starts tomorrow. But our vacation adventure starts TODAY! We arrived at the cabin, only to discover is directly on the bay! I can see it, right now. I am sitting in the living room on the couch, watching the waves crash in on the shoreline. awesome. I also think that it is cool that we went on a boat ride. The idea is cool. The experience? not so much.

The pontoon boat we rented for 8 people was a 14 foot pile of junk. We had to wade out in waist deep water to get to the boat. Lawn chairs strapped in position for seating, and life preservers too small for any healthy adult, along with a dead battery started off our water expedition with true finesse. After a new battery rescue operation via ski-doo, the boat guy pushed us on our merry way. Then I got the bright idea to sit on the end of the boat. BAD IDEA. we almost sunk. My uncle pulled me back in, and then after we ran a-ground on a sand bar, my grandfather called the whole fiasco ka-putz. Thankfully, they got their money back. $100 an hour. WOW. just WOW.

Then we returned to the beach house and made a sandcastle. I found a silly hat to wear to make it extra fun. Dinner was quiet and easy, then we headed out to put-put. After we had a successful and fun, quite memorable game, we headed over to the basketball courts for some interesting backboard experiences. Then a visit to Dairy Queen finished off our first day in Caseville with a sweet note.

Tomorrow the cheeseburger festival starts. Things could get interesting here in Caseville. Tomorrow's report should be equally as adventurous....


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