Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day fitness...

So. as many of you know, I am a dancer. Zumba is the new program that I have discovered that combines Latin Dance into a fitness workout. Dance to me is the expression of my spirit and passion. It has been very hard to stay in shape while at school because I do not fancy running or the weight room. This program has answered my prayers and cries for dance fitness! I have stayed flexible and strong, but the pounds have slowly crept up on me. I need to lose twenty pounds. 20. that's A LOT. but I am setting a goal of 10 pounds by Christmas. I think this is a healthy goal, and most importantly A REALISTIC goal. There is nothing like disappointment in the weight department of a woman. I would even be happy with 5, if I trimmed, slimmed and toned up my core. I would be happy with that. I just want to be leaner, stronger, and healthier as I transition to adulthood. I want to take care of myself, so I can be there when it counts. If I present a tired, flabby, saggy self, then I will not be the joyful, strong and graceful woman that God has created me to be.

Thank you for all of you out there who support me in the endeavor. Thanks to my fellow wellspring teammates who cheered me on for my morning exercise. Its stuck you guys and I have noticed that I do not run out of energy half way through the afternoon (2 or 3 pm crash) like I used to. thanks!

I planned on learning the steps after dinner, but instead my Dad asked me to come pick up a car with him. He is going to fix it for a friend, and needed a ride. I said sure, and for some reason, its TOMORROW that he is supposed to pick up the car :) So instead, since we were in the area, we visited our old house. I haven't seen it since we left in '96. I was SEVEN. It looks a lot different, but it brought me back. It was a cool thing to share with my Dad before I leave this weekend.

Things are changing fast in my life. I am growing up, becoming financially independent of my parents (slowly, but surely) and I have a steady boyfriend, I only have a little school left, and I am super excited to see where God takes me next. This following Jesus thing is hard, its rough, its narrow, but its the BEST, more wonderful, amazing thing I have ever done!


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