Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 314...books, books, wonderful books...

I love books. Books are such a wonderful escape, they offer an expansion to the universe. Story worlds allow imagination to be discovered, to grow and flourish, all within a neat little portable package. Anytime you want to go to Hogwarts, you just crack open a J.K. Rowling masterpiece, anywhere you are. Zachariah came and visited me today, and to start off our day together we went to Barnes and Noble. After a deciding on a coffee from Starbucks' we roamed the store, oohing and ahhing over books, movies and music that we wanted or identified with. I thankfully didn't buy anything except two coffee drinks. Then we went to Kohl's in search of a V-neck for Z. No such luck, but that just saves us $$$ :)

Back to the house we went, and then off to the creek for a picnic lunch and an afternoon of exploring the wilderness. It was super hot. I think we should have packed more water....then we attempted to play a composition I have been working on. It is for our principle instruments, oboe and french horn. Zachariah is truly a wonderful horn player, just a bit rusty at the moment :) I think I might try learning some viola tonight. I haven't picked it up in a few days and I would like to get pretty good before going to the dorm...don't want to make any one's ears bleed :)

well its almost time for dinner. Tomorrow we prepare, grocery shop, and pack for vacation this weekend. My family is going up to the tourist trap of the thumb, Caseville. Rumor has it that the cottage we are staying at is right on the water....


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