Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 318...sandcastles and deep water...

Carolyn Marie for another day full of Adventure here in Caseville, MI. Cheeseburger fest is in full swing and we took a little walk into town this afternoon. We stopped by the souvenir shop, I got a new cowboy hat, and my dad found a tank top and my brother got some really cool shades.

I have been enjoying the lake the whole time we have been here, but in this sticky humidity and blistering heat, I am sure grateful for the water. There is a sand bar about 50 yards from the beach. Another 50 yards from that is where I can't touch the bottom anymore. Its pretty shallow, and I love to just swim and float around. My aunt jan is thinking of training for a triathlon, so she has been perfecting her freestyle stroke :)

Tomorrow we leave in the morning to return home. I am excited to get back home, but I am sad to leave this paradise. Being with family is lots of fun. I love them all. very dearly.


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