Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day independence...

Today we drove 165 miles to Lima, OH to drop my brother off at the University of Northwestern Ohio for school. He is going to school to become a High Performance auto mechanic. My dad thinks that Kevin getting to study racecars is just, "too cool" :) Well, Its the first time I've been to UNOH, and it looks really nice. I only met two of his three roommates and they seem nice. They only had bunk beds for furniture in their rooms, they have to bring everything else. I am surprised by this, but then again SAU is a privately funded Christian university. I guess that means we're spoiled :P

We returned home and watched the second half of the Bristol night race. Kyle Busch has done the hat trick! I really don't like his attitude, but I have to admit that he is a great driver. He won the truck race on thursday, the nationwide race on friday and now the cup race on saturday. Its never been done before, and now Kyle Busch has made history. Three wins in one weekend :)

tomorrow I get up early to go sing on the worship team for Brighton AG. I love to serve, and its so much fun to do at home!


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