Monday, August 30, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 334...RA retreat...

today the Lowell RA staff served the SAU RA staff breakfast. We made pancakes and sausage. It was fun and yummy! Then we had a programming seminar. I started brainstorming ideas while Jeff was talking. I have come up with some pretty cool ideas. They are similar to things we did as a floor my freshman year. I enjoyed them. I want to revamp them some and make them our own BETA 1 traditions. After lunch we are our way to MICHINDOH for a couple of days. I love this camp! I am excited to get away. I would like to take some romantic walks with Zachariah. That would be nice :)

well, almost time for lunch. I have got to wash my juice glass, and a bowl from my yogurt this morning. I will report about our retreat later this week. look for those posts to be up late wednesday night :)


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