Monday, August 2, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 306...marshall, marshall, marshall...

This morning I drove to Marshall to see Zachariah before he went to work at 3. After dropping his car off at the repair shop, we headed to Battle Creek. There we shopped at Target and Christian Family bookstore. I purchased a thinline bible NIV red letter edition. I even had my name monogrammed on the front. I like it :)

after returning to marshall, we grabbed Taco Bell and headed to his family room to play some music. Then his family arrived home from the Lake House and I gave Ariel her bag. Then time for work...It was a great day! Now I am chilling back at the arbor, going to be heading for home tomorrow morning, but I get to take Zachariah with me! He is off for the next two days and he doesn't work until 3 on thursday :) So GOOD!

I also got the Viola today, purchased some rosin, the strings and bow are still in great shape, so I tried it out a wee bit, I can get pretty good tone, but I'm awful at reading alto clef, I am going to have to brush up on that :)

here's to another day of adventure!


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