Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 311...clean house...

Zachariah has unleashed a monster. I have been introduced to Noteflight. Oh boy. Awesome FREE program. Then after a quick PB&J sandwich, I began cleaning my room, the bathroom and sweeping the hall and kitchen floors. I finished by steam mopping those floors. After I finished cleaning, I began to clean out my dresser and fold, organize and throw away clothes.

I am so happy! I have an ALMOST completely organized room...the closet is left. I need to find out what I have, what I absolutely need to get, and be pretty much ready for school. Awesome! PRAISE THE LORD!

So today I spent the hours cleaning, organizing, watching Star Trek :) and getting ready to leave. I just love not having clutter, or having stuff I don't use or need. I also washed my sheets, and hung out my quilt to dry. It smells like sunshine. my favorite part of summer. Laundry just smells SO GOOD.

alright time to call it a night on the internet. I have been on the internet minimally and I love it. Facebook does not control my life. and here's to it not doing so in the fall!


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