Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 321...clean sweep...

Today I arrived at Zachariah's house just after 9 am. We made breakfast, yummy omelets. Then we went down to the basement and watched Becoming Jane. It is one of my very favorite films. I think Z enjoyed it :) Then after lunch, we began cleaning his room. Papers, junk, stuff that hasn't been used in a couple of years got taken to the trash. I was a little bit harsh, but as a recovering pack rat myself, I know what it takes to let go of things...patience and just saying NO!

So, we finished moving things around, cleaning like mad, hanging up clothes, doing laundry and getting things packed for school around 9pm. Then he showed me Carmen. SHHH! its a secret. its really just a work in progress. its a web tool for worship leaders soon to be available to all. I am so excited for him. Its wonderful to see the passion he has for music and worship, and people come together with his talent and interest in computers and web design :) Praise the Lord!

Now I am going to sleep. It is only 11 o'clock, but I am tired.


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