Friday, May 14, 2010

home sweet home

here I sit. on my awesomely large full size bed (hey its a castle compared to that XL twin i crash on every night of the semester) and im simply exhausted.

home sweet home.

Its a place where I have 11' X 16' square feet ALL TO MYSELF. Although I have this space, I don't have as many people to fill it with. I am going to work on being thankful for and using the "alone time" on the horizon. I am leaving around 1pm tomorrow with my Dad, my brother and the race team for Owosso Speedway. Since its going to be down right chilly at race time, Mom has opted out of going with us. I don't blame her, it does get cold, but I LOVE IT. end of story.

anyway, so we'll get there around 3, unpack, get some new tires, run some hot laps, qualify, race, and then race the feature race, load up and go home. It will be a late night, but there's no place I'd rather be. I love the race track. Zachariah came with us the last time we went (two weeks ago) and I wish he was coming with us this time. Its not supposed to rain like it did, so hopefully we will actually race!!

back to home sweet home.

I'm only here for two and a half weeks. I want to make them count. I want to take care of myself, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. I need rest, and I need quiet time. I will miss my boyfriend terribly. There have been plenty of instances tonight where I was laughing about or at something and the thought ran through my head, "where is Zachariah?!" I miss him already. *sigh* sorry for you who read my blog regularly. Its just going to be a fact of life. I will miss Z, but I will be just fine. I've got my Jesus, and there is such things like skype, cell phones, facebook and twitter to make the three and a half month separation a tiny bit easier :)

well, im exhausted. and im going to go to bed pretty soon. I'll probably write for another hour then collapse to sleep. I've got some chores to do, some boxes to move and some clothes to organize before we go racing tomorrow! gnight everyone. sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!


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