Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Adventure Called Life day 238...imperfect...

In my life I have chosen to dwell on my imperfections. I have chosen to define myself (to myself, internal dialogue) by my short comings. I guess I thought this was being humble. Today God spoke to me about being humble, but being confident in who I am in Christ.

I am currently reading in Joshua. In Joshua 24 we find the Israelites again pledging themselves to worship Almighty God simply because they desire to do so...in verse 19, "Then Joshua told the people, you can't do it; you're not able to worship God. He is a holy God. He is a jealous God. He won't put up with your fooling around and sinning."


talk about a wake up call. Now, I realize this is the Old Testament, so truly I am able to worship God, but only if I am reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ I recently posted the song, Where You Go I Go, by Jesus Culture, and there's a line that is perfect for this exact principle.

How could I expect to walk without you?
when every move Jesus made was in surrender...

Thank you Kim Walker :) but really, how can I expect to worship God on my own? I am unholy, I am dirty, but "For God the Just is satisfied, to look on Him and pardon me." (Before the Throne of God Above). This goes back to the daily decision to "...Know Christ and him Crucified." 1 Corinthians 2:2. 

I pray that you will begin to find peace in who you are in Christ. You are a new creation, a bearer of the Image of God, a vessel of honor and power, a vessel of the Holy Ghost. 


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