Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 225...between a rock and a hard place...

so. i've got two days, one night left on campus. my parents are coming tomorrow to pick up the black leather sectional in our living room, and im supposed to have everything packed and ready by then. My brother has a softball game that night, and I would like to be there to see him play. I'm only going to be home for two weeks. I'm still considering sticking around until friday. It would be nice to spend an evening with Zachariah in which we didn't have to study. We're both done with exams tomorrow :) He does have a song writing paper to write, but I could just write myself while he does that. We could spend a cozy evening in the library, writing away...*sigh* but I should go home. really, my little brother would love that. I just hope I can get the choral library in order before then...i have LOTS to do today. study chemistry, make a veggie tray, pack, and finish up the choral library. I am thinking I should just stay and do the choral library on friday. I can see Kevin play next week. I'm so glad you guys get to experience my thoughts and how I just go around and around in circles. lol...I'll make it home for dinner on friday. so that's the plan.

today, study for chemistry, make veggie tray for WAVE. tomorrow, exam, pack, study, study, study, exam, pack up the couch, dinner, finish packing. friday, choral library, turn in keys, go home :)


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