Friday, May 7, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 220...and the thunder rolls...

mmmMMMmmm. I love thunderstorms. although i like them better when experienced either in bed with the windows open so you can feel the strong gusts of wind and almost feel the lightning as it flashes in the darkness, i do think they would be quite enjoyable experienced curled up on the couch, staring into the nothingness with a certain someone.

for once he's being responsible. thats just great :) leaves me all alone on a friday night. didn't think that would happen when I became "unsingle"

oh well. I guess some time to myself wouldn't hurt. I could watch a movie, paint my nails. I just finished taking a shower, shaving my legs. I do have to find something to eat. hmmm. maybe I'll just go get subway down the street...Zachariah has a core even tonight. and like the nice girlfriend I am, even on our "one month" he's going to it. no really, it is truly fine, i find it admirable that he enjoys spending time with his core. I sure wish I had had that experience. He is also leading worship tonight. :) that makes me smile. Don't know if I'll see him later, that would be nice, but he does need sleep, and so do I. but.

no one is as lucky as us.

happy one month dear!


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